The war ended in 2100 BCE, when one thousand Reformists barricaded themselves in the Dreadnought. These titles connotate their involvement with the religious and political issues within the Covenant. Before taking to the stars, the San’Shyuum were a fairly normal sentient race. If the san'shyuum's psyque proved to be too damaged, they would be allowed to have sex with a concubine. They planned on using a bioweapon to erradicate the life on Sanghelios and the Urs-Field-Joori system. The firing of the Halo ring was averted with the combined forces of the sangheili and the humans, during which most Covenant forces in the Coelest system were either destroyed or retreated with the outbreak of the Schism and the xenomorphs' attack. [2], With their former relationship with the Forerunners all but forgotten, the San'Shyuum came to regard the Forerunners as gods, and worshiped their technology as gifts left behind for other races. Finding one outside the Covenant would be an exceptionally rare, if not unique, occurrence. Following the surrender of the San'Shyuum in the Human-Forerunner war, Janjur Qom and another San'Shyuum inhabited world in its system were placed … The San’Shyuum, also known as Prophets, are a mammal-like species, who are the leadership caste within the Covenant and one of the more mysterious member races of the organization. After the Prophet of Regret was murdered by John-117 during the early Battle of Installation 05, Truth started to put his plan into action and ordered the massacre of the sangheili High Councilors in order to prevent the Council of electing another san'shyuum to replace Regret. Homeworld. The sled is capable of vertical flight as well, perhaps as high as a few hundred feet (depending on the sled). Such an act allowed the sangheili to go stalemate against the san'shyuum, but the Dreadnought still proved to be unstoppable, and so the sangheili unwillingly surrendered. The thrones are not only weapons of war, but tools of luxury, giving its users comfort and a sign of authority. They give birth to live offspring, which is commonly a single child, although cases of twins and triplets are not uncommon. The Reformists claimed to the Covenant that Janjur Qom had been destroyed in 648 BCE after its star went supernova. The Path was the main focus of the Covenant above all, and its species were united out of the cooperation and faith that they would find the "Sacred Rings" to initiate the Great Journey and become gods themselves in a better plane of existence, although some species were not as religiously motivated. However, the San'Shyuum came to regard the Dreadnought as too holy to explore in depth. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. San'Shyuum have an extensive lifespan duo to extensive medical research and technology that served to ensure their longevity, starting in 1552. Janjur Qom was the homeworld of the San'Shyuum. Their skeletal structure is very frail compared to the other species of the Covenant and even humans, and as such, they are required to move slowly and with delicacy. Although they are unwilling to duo to their believed superiority, san'shyuum can use the weapons of the Covenant, with Hierarchs being typically equipped with personal Type-25 plasma pistols for their defense. Homeworld: Unknown (destroyed), High Charity (destroyed) Language: San’Shyuum. One hundred san'shyuum High Councilors composed the Covenant High Council alongside the sangheili High Councilors until the end of 2552. The colors and desgigns themselves represent interlinked star systems. Duo to their sedentarism, the feet of the san'shyuum are atrophied and mostly useless, and as a result they have much difficulty when walking without anti-gravity technology, further complicated by lower gravity environments. Much like the wattles, san'shyuum have fleshy appendages hanging from both sides of their heads, similar to ears. Don't remember if it ever addressed this in the second half of broken circle. Ministers ruled the many ministires of the Covenant's executive powers, with Vice Ministers serving below them, either as assistants or replacements if the Minister was unable to be present a session at the High Councilors. The Reformists would later go on to be ancestors of those who fought with the Sangheili and become the first Prophets of the Covenant. The san'shyuum were the ruling caste of the Covenant, effectively leading the empire politically and religiously. The Roll of Celibates was a severe matter, and not even the Hierarchs were free from its influence. The san'shyuum developed their technology by observing and reverse-engineering forerunner relics and artifacts, creating technologies such as the Eyes, gravity thrones, energy shields and pulse weapons, all developed by the Reformists. The Reformists were the victors, and they were able to take the Dreadnought, a Keyship that survived on their planet, and use it to explore the galaxy.

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