The CP88 is pretty easy to figure out how it fits in -- this is Yamaha getting a bit aggressive vs. Nord Piano 4. If you want to know more about this model do not miss our Yamaha CP88 review. But as for the CP73, I still think Korg’s GrandStage is the one to beat, definitely at under €1650 Bax was selling it only last week. There are many different digital piano brands offering stage piano such as Korg Grandstage Vs Roland RD 2000 but Yamaha is also not going to stay still without offering their own … $500 price retail spread, and reasonably close on feature and ergonomics. It’s a stage piano that sounds stellar and is stupidly easy to use (in fact, the manual is less than 20 pages minus the legal jargon and warnings!). The digital piano Yamaha CP73 which costs around €1.644/£1,498 and the Korg Grandstage … I was expecting something like Yamaha’s modern CP88… We will now make a comparison of two Korg digital pianos: The Korg Grandstage 88 which has a value of €1.969/$2200/£1,799 and the Korg SV 2 88 which has a … 17kgs vs 13kgs. Yamaha CP73 vs Korg Grandstage 73. The Korg Grandstage is a rare beast. Korg has definately the more sounds advantage, 500 vs … A smart move I think, as … Korg Grandstage 88 vs Korg SV1 88. But the Korg's weight is already beaten!

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