© 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. They’d earned some critical acclaim, but sold absolutely nothing. So I’ll try to explain…. What Happens When You ‘Steal Like An Artist’ but Are Accused of Simply Stealing? my writing will be successful, that my children will grow up . A masterpiece. It has terribly tedious delivery, and is basically just three hours of guys in suits sitting at a table talking about business. The ratio of 10 ratings is a excellent example of how dependent peoples minds are on the status quo. Who thought that it was a good idea in 2010, when they remastered this masterpiece, to dub again the iconic italian voices of the time (for example the great voice actor Ferruccio Amendola, that was a superb. As for slow, well I can see that. It was that, and the bad energy (no charisma) from Sophia. Alcohol and cigarettes are seen. Sunday, Nov. 11, 1951: It’s funny to watch yourself disintegrating . . This, better than Pulp Fiction? Before it was published, Puzo had written two other novels. Excuse me, how did this movie get a 100, the metacritic calculation failed to factor in the last entry which would inevitably knock down the score to a 99. Sure. This movie does not deserve a perfect score. That conventional wisdom may say more about movie critics. It looks as if I have to go back to work in January. Friday, March 26, 1953: Tried to write a trashy potboiler but had to give it up. There are almost no story peaks that are exciting, suspensful, emotional or whatever. This movie does not deserve a perfect score. I own both copies of them. But the godfather? . The new voices are so cringy that now the movie seems a parody of itself, whereas the original voices were epic and mithical. A year later, in 1954, Puzo sold his first novel, The Dark Arena, to Random House. It’s not impossible to write even under my conditions. The plot line is more predictable than a bad soap opera. From the beginning to the end, this film neither exited or engaged me. Yeah, you could even say the book is terrible. HORRIBLE FILM!! And rightfully so, it’s a family movie disguised as a crime drama masquerading as an inside look at the mafia. It’s an obvious thing and yet really unexplainable. They just killed one of the greatest movie of all the times in their remastered italian version. Brando is awful in this, he mumbles so he doesn't have to do an accent. In one hit The godfather son shoots a man point blank to the head "blood splatters everywhere" then he shoots another person in the neck and head "blood is seen spurring out." our daily lives are bombarded with true and sickening stories of immorality and heinous crimes that your children have most likely heard of or seen in their real lives. To wit, there is an entire subplot revolving around the size of Sonny Corleone’s dick. Lots of other violence and shootouts that would be to long to explain, but I'm sure you got the gist of it. I need more willpower. In the end i am also a bit disappointed of the camera work: too many wideshots, too less facial close ups and missing overall aesthetics in look and scenery. This movie is kinda really bad I mean who even is this godfather guy? WHY? The mafia is shown their true colours as backstabbing power-hungry dangerous men with no place in any civilized society-do not let their style and presentation fool you otherwise. . the knowledge that people pity you… I know really that the defeat is my fault but that doesn’t help. This, better than LA Confidential? What a load of boring drivel. I wonder. Until then, we just keep on pushing. If I keep this up, I might as well forget about writing or becoming a writer… The only thing I can take seriously is writing, no matter how justifiably ridiculous this is to people who are not writers or do not wish to write. Paramount must be run by idiots. Ok if by 100 you mean its worth seeing if you get paid $100 dollars but I would not even see it again for that much worse time of my life and the only reason i didn't leave is because it was raining out side. Consider The Godfather (and the Godfather Part II) as Coppola working through his directorial immaturity, on his way to producing his masterwork: The Godfather Part III. The Godfather is an excellent crime film , one of the very best. . To me explaining why The Godfather is an outstanding movie, is like describing what water taste like. Have to do it, that’s all . Shredding his his body up with 100+ bullets. What a pretentious ****-fest of a movie.... and don't any of you dare respond with the usual, "just because you can't sit through a movie that doesn't have explosions and shoot-outs, doesn't mean it's a bad movie". The Francis Ford Coppola-directed movie is frequently cited as one of the best — if not the best — films of all time. I HATE this movie. I personally found it to be one of the most intensely boring films I have seen in a while. Como "O poderoso chefão" é considerado um clássico, não tive como conter as expectativas de que seria um ótimo filme. Cussing is common throughout the film, quite a few uses of B***, d*** bas***d, H***, A** N***** and couple uses of F words in a Italian language, but none is said in English. I mean it's not a bad film or anything, but it is too boring and none of the characters are really likable. The acting is solid but never reaches any remarkable levels. The Francis Ford Coppola-directed movie is frequently cited as one of the best — if not the best — films of all time. Two short stories and hardly anything on the novel. An amazing film and a true classic. Check box if your review contains spoilers, Usually i like slow paced films, but at some point a movie should draw interest or emotion. This movie doesn't have any lightsabers in tit and no Optimus Prime. The book was released in 1969 and immediately became a bestseller. I'm not going to try and insult audiences who have loved this film for over 40 years by telling you this is a bad film - it was just never meant for me. There have been far better ganster films - the. . Who thought that it was a good idea in 2010, when they remastered this masterpiece, to dub again the iconic italian voices of the time (for example the great voice actor Ferruccio Amendola, that was a superb Brando)? Grrr. Many scenes are far too long and forgettable, like both the weddings and many more. Compared to films like Casino and Goodfellas, this film is quite tame. Since The Godfather is a gangster movie, obviously it has its share of violent scenes, however the violent scenes really aren't THAT bad. What else? It's a boring overrated movie, seriously, how can anyone understand what Brando is saying with all that cotton wool in his mouth, let alone get away with it, he must have been laughing all the way This movie does not deserve a perfect score.

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