Our 'food' was conkers, acorns, seeds and 'hips and haws' (hawthorn). It can even happen in places people should be safe, ie hospitals, residential/ nursing homes, schools, daycare/ nurseries, centres etc. He then started work for the BBC, later writing sketches for 'That Was The Week That Was'. Angela is the prettier and more popular of the two girls. Billeting officers came round to see what rooms we had. The barn is consumed by the flames and the roof collapses. The other was the great excitement of a German plane which came down in a field. He regularly bullies Donald and Raymond and is annoyed when John stands up to him. The play comprises a variety of brutality – including: emotional abuse, physical abuse, child abuse, and animal … It displays how victimisation and stereotypical views occur even in young children, and ends abruptly when the character of "Donald" is burned to death as a result of the other children's actions. He also salvaged the tail fin of the bomb and drove it round the local area for all and sundry to marvel at. Blue Remembered Hills is a play set in 1943 written by Dennis Potter. Type: On a sunny, summer afternoon in bucolic England of 1943, seven West Country children (two girls, five boys) play in the Forest of Dean. Potter was born in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. Peter runs to the barn while the others go back in the forest. Peter bets Raymond that he can't stand on his head while they count to a hundred. He taunts him for behaving like a baby but then relents when he remembers that Donald's father has been captured by the Japanese. There was a tarmac playground but no playing field. Inevitably so great an influx of evacuees caused logistical problems. We sat in rows of two-person desks facing the teacher and the blackboard. Opposite the school was an embankment with huge old chestnut trees. Peter asks Willie for a cigarette and matches, but he has none. Peter is jealous of the others when it looks like they might be better at him in any way. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. I very recently played the part of Donald for an assessed GSCE performance of Blue Remembered Hills, and buying the DVD version was a great help – not to mention getting an opportunity to see Helen Mirren (which is always a great pleasure).Blue Remembered Hills – the title taken from A.E Houseman's epic poem 'The Shropshire Lad' is set on a summer afternoon, in the Forest of Dean during the second world war – 1943. The soapy water was used for washing the floors after the laundry and the final rinsing water was heated for baths. Oh great days. The siren from the nearby Prisoner of War camp sounds. There's no singing or dancing, but a well analysed script, fantastic acting and a profound moral. Overcrowding at school was a problem.” Peter asks him how he got enough jam jars together to get nine pence for the empties. Type: The disease eventually ruined his hands, reducing them to what he called "clubs". Title: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Willie tells him that the apple is dirty and the he could die from germs. Location- Forest of Dean, Gloucester- West England Set pieces- A Barn, The Woods - all characters are 6 or 7 years old Role on The Wall Write on the inside of the figure how they feel about themselves Raymond is the lowest member of the main gang. “The arrival of evacuees from London, Plymouth, Bristol, Exeter brought the war to our door. Since Potter viewed childhood as "adult society without all the conventions and the polite forms which overlay it," he repeated the device he had introduced 14 years earlier (in "Stand Up, Nigel Barton"); children's roles were cast with adult actors in this naturalistic memory drama of a "golden day" that turns to tragedy. View production, box office, & company info. One was being got out of bed to watch a 'dog fight' between two planes. Rain, hail, snow or shine, this was what we used except during the night when we had chamber pots. He tells him that the British air force drops infected apples over Germany on purpose. Behind was the lavatory - a wooden bench with a hole and bucket; newspaper for toilet paper; hurricane lamp for the dark nights. "We had a look at South Hill Park as a venue and it's got this amphitheatre in the woods, and Blue Remembered Hills is set in the woods. He is quiet and a pacifist; he is very upset that the others have killed the squirrel and might be going to cut off its tail. Some of the more canny local ladies went and made their choice.

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