No Dunder Mifflin Halloween party is complete without insensitive and offensive costumes, like Creed as Osama Bin Laden or Michael Scott as the infamous "D*ck in a Box" character from Saturday Night Live. It consists of mainly—you guessed it—casual office attire, but the real beauty of these costumes is how you can customize your character based on your favorite Halloween episode of The Office. Vote up the best Halloween costumes from The Office, and vote down the ones who clearly didn't try. While some fans thought Andy's character got worse as time went on, Kevin's character only got better. When you're a kid, it seems like you spend the entire month of October counting down to it. It's one of those interesting facts about Dwight that's often forgotten about. Recyclops started out as a friendly and loving being but as time went on, Recyclops became cynical and violent. Even his hair is flipped out by his ears like Jim! The Office: 10 Amazing Costumes For Halloween, First ‘Mank’ Reactions: What Folks Are Saying About David Fincher’s Netflix Movie, ‘Mank’ First Reactions: David Fincher’s Return Is ‘Brilliant,’ ‘Dense,’ and ‘an Oscars Heavyweight’, Watch Out, Oscars: David Fincher’s ‘Mank’ Looks Like a Monster Contender, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Tops Nielsen Streaming List, ‘Enola’ & ‘Ratched’ Remain In Top 10, ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Rises, as Season 6 Floods Nielsen’s Streaming Top 10 List at No. If you want to make it a couple's costume, Jim and Pam make an ideal duo, or you can get a lot of laughs by going with a friend as Dwight and Michael. The ultimate mashup of TikTok star Addison Rae and everyone’s favorite loveable shmuck, Ray Romano. His clothing choices reflect that—think: lots of loud clashing colors and patterns. Cake. Offer to take Devon’s vitals in a private Zoom chat, since, well, he’s “technically married” to Meghan and might have gotten Covid from her. In the episode "Fun Run," the office is running a 5K for rabies awareness. Michael, of course, took offense and turned into Prison Mike to scare them straight. So while he loves his jeans, it makes sense to wear a suit as this character. All a person needs is a pencil skirt, white or striped button-down shirt, and a sweater. Wear a suit on your top half, then stand up and impress the office hottie Devon with your adorable pajama pants. Imagine Meg and Devon…Getting a divorce…Yoo hoo ooh ooh ooh…. @Tim_Shifty looks just like Jim. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Dwight- Kerrigan from Starcraft (in flashback, shown dressed as Freddy Krueger, Pinhead and Jigsaw on previous Halloweens), Meredith- "Kate Middleton Wedding Dress" (White T-shirt duct taped to curtain), Toby- Skeleton 1 (in flashback, shown dressed as Hippie, Priest and Pirate on previous Halloweens). Even though the show ended in 2013, the motley crew of characters still has a gigantic fan base, and dressing up as one of these characters will always get you compliments. From the pink sweater to the hairstyle to the reception desk sign, she's a dead ringer for everyone's favorite receptionist. T hough we’re facing a litany of frights near-daily, there’s nothing scarier than missing your fave holiday, Halloween! Carrying around a spray can of Pam is an easy thing to do on Halloween night. … @BrittniDBrown nailed it with this Dementors line. Just make sure to avoid chatting with Meghan, who tested positive after going to a socially distanced Diplo concert and won’t stop talking about it. Layne is a nomad who travels the globe on the hunt for her next adventure. By Julia Marzovilla. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As the race proceeded, Andy's nipples began to bleed. 2010: Jim Halpert Halloween costumes; 2010: Pam Beesly Halloween costumes; 2010: Mose Schrute Halloween costumes By Zoe Kurland and Claire Jia. @Jojo_Corgi is dressing up as Michael Scott this year and they nailed it!, Inc. takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of the above news articles, Tweets, or blog posts. Only costumes featured in Halloween episodes; sorry, no Prison Mike. To give a shoutout to one of the easiest costumes known to man, @aliya_burshan put a pumpkin mask on her head and was good to go! A lover of being outside (and finding the best latte in town), Layne loves to write about her favorite topics and shows. The Office has been off the air for seven years and it's still one of the most talked-about shows in 2020. Admit it, you’re humming the theme song already. NEXT: The Office: 10 Best Costumes From The Halloween Episodes. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas, check out this full list of all the costumes on The Office.Season 7's "Costume Contest" featured Gabe as Lady Gaga, Ryan as Justin Bieber, and Jim finally dressing up as Popeye. 1. This outfit will tell him you’re current but also have a deep respect for the classics (did Christopher Nolan direct this show? Michael - Two-headed Michael Dwight - Sith Lord Phyllis- Cat Pam - Black Cat Creed - Vampire Jim - 3 hole punch Jim Angela- Cat Oscar - Woman Kevin - Mr. Would you rather go as Dwight or Jim? When you don't find her playing around outside, you can find her writing away in the closest coffee shop. @ShinySwampGlob looks identical to Dwightin this scene and proves any mask can be created with some makeup. Lucky you, your office is having a virtual party to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, and although your Carole Baskin costume may not have worked out as you had planned (anyone need a mannequin doused in sardine oil? Meghan only has two feet. Michael Scott was one of the best parts of The Office. RELATED: The Office: 10 Things About Pam Beesley That Make No Sense. I Walked South From Ocean Beach for 8 Miles. In the episode "Here Comes Treble," Andy is gearing up for a live performance from his alma matter for the Halloween party. Then, choose one line from Imagine and sing it over and over again, just a little off-key. Remember Normal People? If you're looking for Halloween costume ideas, check out this full list of all the costumes on The Office. Likewise, the three-punch-hole Jim is another easy costume to emulate. Remember, you’re a celebrity, NOT a singer! Striking Office Group Halloween Costumes Minions: Dressing up like the adorable minions from ‘Despicable Me’ along with your co-workers is a wonderful idea. The office will go wild when they see you slice your own hand off! They can easily work as a best friend Halloween costume or Halloween costume for couples, too. You’re going to want to make an arm-shaped cake, hide your real arm, and then attach the cake arm to your body. Nevertheless, this costume became a great Halloween idea for fans and four-legged animals! If you buy from a link, we may earn a commission. And thanks to social media accounts, it's clear that fans are all aboard the Office train for Halloween. We have The Office Halloween Costumes right here at Spirit Halloween! Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. Grab a brunette wig and a maroon turtleneck and you’re the spitting image of Gal Gadot. T hough we’re facing a litany of frights near-daily, there’s nothing scarier than missing your fave holiday, Halloween! SHOP IT Dwight Schrute apparently really cares about Earth Day. Pair it with Michael's favorite mug and a purple bandana as a nod to Prison Mike, so people don't think you're going as an out-of-work politician. Perhaps the most over-it employee at Dunder Mifflin, Jim's clothes reflect that—but luckily, they're items that are likely already hanging in your closet. You win. Thanks to Christina, the Balance, and Branding Beat, here are nine office Halloween ideas will that spark your creative thinking and open up the world of possibilities for celebrating Halloween at work. According to Devon’s Facebook he was a massive Fall Out Boy fan in ’09, so make sure Pete Wentz makes an appearance on one of your butt cheeks. @Khaleesi_Alysie did an outstanding job dressing up as Pam. Pair it with his apathetic facial expression for maximum impact. Have you ever noticed that as an adult, Halloween just sneaks up on you? That onion? Wanted to wear Gorilla from Rise of the Planet of the Apes (vetoed because he spoils the movie's plot twist to Andy). We'd recommend stopping short of getting his haircut and go for his signature middle part instead. 36 Best Pumpkin Farms to Visit This Autumn, 30 Best Fall Flowers and Plants for Your Yard, 10 Charming Country Products by Black-Owned Brands. You’ll need a triangle nose, some household object (ideally an axe), and no joints in your arms or legs. Remember that hour in July where everything was cake? In the episode "Costume Contest," the entire office dresses up for a Halloween costume contest where the winner would get a Scranton coupon book. The Office Halloween Costumes. You wish he was cake. These easy and creative ideas are perfect for any office … Now you finally have a use for the SpaceX laptop sticker your ex gave you when he was hired last fall. "), Oscar- A Dinosaur (tells Senator Lipton he is the Electoral College). Make everyone in the office think you’re the bread aficionado, not your co-worker Meghan who will not stop posting her (incredibly gorgeous) pretzel knots on Instagram. Your ex? He’s half-robot, half-woodland nymph, so for this one you’re going to want to carry a few branches scavenged from your yard and decorate your desk chair like a spaceship. Creed - Splattered with blood (implies he is not wearing a costume - says "it's Halloween. We weren't lying! They'll forever make a good Halloween costume with pieces that can be re-worn and styled daily. When he declared the CPR dummy was unresponsive, he cut into the dummy to harvest the organs and shaved off its face to wear like Silence Of The Lambs. There's no doubt people wouldn't know exactly who he was by this very simple outfit. Though we’re facing a litany of frights near-daily, there’s nothing scarier than missing your fave holiday, Halloween! These Wild Photos of the Loma Prieta Earthquake Will Leave You Shook, A Forest of LED Lights Will Take Over Golden Gate Park in December to Create a ‘Whimsical…, The Original Sony Metreon Was a Mall of the Future, Your Mental State Ahead of the Election, Described in Charts and Graphs, Chin Diapers and Endless Zooms — All the Things That Scared You in 2020. The Office has plenty of Halloween episodes under its belt, and some of the most fun costumes you can find in real life are inspired by the show! Kevin- Dwyane Wade. You’re going to want to invest in a pair of booty shorts, a crop top, and a five o’clock shadow, then do the “Savage” dance while spewing some famous Romanoisms such as “If my father had hugged me even once, I’d be an accountant right now.” You’ve heard through the office grapevine that there’s been chilliness between Devon and Meghan over what to binge next.

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