It was the first movie to take home double-digit Oscars, winning 11 of them. Well these films were all quite well honored. In M.L.S., the Pandemic Changes the Playoff Math, 15 Times Keke Palmer Proved She Can Pull Off Just About Any Hairstyle, Amazon Reveals First Details of Next Four ‘Welcome to the Blumhouse’ Movies on Prime Video, 8 Creative Layering Techniques That Will Make Your Winter Outfits Cute as Hell, Spotify Stocks Drops As It Misses Third-Quarter Forecasts — But Revenue and Subscribers Climb. That would be Audrey Hepburn, who played Eliza Doolittle. No really, and he’s quite good in the movie too! It’s tough to argue with any of these picks. You know who didn’t even get one of the 12 nominations, though? However, unlike “La La Land,” one of them was for Best Picture. Heston arrived part of the way through the bit, allowing Eastwood to escape. However, you can’t help noticing they were all made before 1960. The Godfather: Part II Awards and Nominations. ^ A Was also nominated in the previous year for Best Foreign Language Film. If you run down the lists of the greatest films of all time, you’ll find some usual suspects. [15] It was later reported that the Academy had been considering whether Curtis Mayfield's song "Freddie's Dead" from the film Super Fly should be eligible. (It ended up grossing nearly $250 million worldwide.) Additionally, none was for Best Picture, making it the third-most-nominated film to not win the big one. "All About Eve" was the first movie to get 14 nominations. By the time that year’s Oscar nominations came in, Paramount celebrated 11 nods for its new prestige film. Bar After Night Out 3 Weeks Ago. Judi Dench also won Best Supporting Actress despite only being in the movie for a handful of minutes. This was also the first year when all the Oscar winners were brought out on stage at the end of the ceremony. It won three. "[16], The following individuals, listed in order of appearance, presented awards or performed musical numbers. However, while “Tom Jones” has been pretty much forgotten, “Lawrence of Arabia” is considered an all-time epic film. Though the budget doubled the second time around, Paramount and Coppola (who co-produced) made their money back several times over with Part II. It’s based on a Henry Fielding novel from 1749. Plus, of the five awards out of 10 nominations the movie won, one of those was “Best Picture.”. We said musicals were loved in the ‘60s. In the end, "1917" did not win Best Picture as many expected, with "Parasite" instead emerging as the big winner. It was initially announced, on February 12, 1973, that The Godfather received 11 nominations, more than any other film that year. The Spielberg film won seven awards, and that included Best Picture. The movie got 11 nominations, despite no iconic, or even memorable, performances, and it won Best Picture among its five victories. Miniver” did not suffer the same fate as “The Song of Bernadette.” Not only did it win six awards out of 12 the year prior, it also took home Best Picture. John Addison's score for Sleuth won this new vote, and thus replaced Rota's score on the official list of nominees. After “The Godfather” won three Oscars on 10 nominations in 1973, “The Godfather Part II” outdid its predecessor by winning six Oscars on 11 nominations. Well, some people do think it’s the better movie. That was one of five awards this delightful, but sometimes dark, movie won.

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