Murphy’s arm is ripped up from whatever attacked Richards, and Craig is just freaking out. Clarke then tells Cage she will not stop until her people are free and will irradiate Level 5 if he doesn't let them go. Kane décide de faire un premier pas vers la paix, jette ses armes puis délivre son prisonnier. 16. Cage tells him that it will never happen and they can't all survive as they begin drilling into Abby. Jasper and Maya kiss goodbye and Jasper tells her he loves her. NOW! Writer(s) Now that Abby (Paige Turco) and Kane have landed on Earth, they’ll have their work cut out for them finding the missing teens. They would have let their own people die. ), Kane, and Abby. I mean did you ever think of ASKING the Sky People if they could help you get to the Ground? Abby tells her that "maybe there are no good guys." And this is why Clarke and Cage’s choices were ultimately different, and why I hold Cage responsible for everything Clarke did. There are no magical, last minute saves on this show, that that’s what makes it so compelling. It seems like just yesterday they were still trainees on I-LAND, but soon ENHYPEN will be releasing their debut album [BORDER: DAY ONE]! – Raven effing bit the guard like the BAMF she is, I love her so much. Dante lui avoue n'en rien savoir, car il s'est fait doubler par son fils Cage et le docteur Tsing. Abby didn’t die. That’s right. Bellamy descend à son tour, avec une autre corde, et il réussit à rattraper Mel, mais ils sont alors attaqués par des Terriens. À la fin de l'épisode, Clarke se rend dans leur camp pour essayer une dernière fois de sauver Finn, mais comprenant qu'elle n'a aucune chance, elle le tue d'un coup de couteau, lui évitant ainsi les tortures que les Terriens réservent aux assassins. This means there is a 97 years, 5 months, 3 weeks and 3 days gap between the video being recorded and watched by Murphy. La deuxième saison de les 100 (The 100), série télévisée américaine, est constituée de seize épisodes diffusée du 22 octobre 2014 au 11 mars 2015 sur The CW, aux États-Unis. The Haunting of Bly Manor is the Haunting of Hill House sequel we deserve. The original gang is back—and they aren't going down without a fight. As they’re known to do, the gang makes a few game-time decisions: Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty will go seek help from Dante. La guerre est déclarée, les Natifs et le peuple du ciel s'approchent du portail du Mont Weather, tandis que Bellamy, toujours à l’intérieur, s'attaque à la tâche qui l'avait emmené là-haut : libérer les Natifs. Celui-ci est habité par des survivants de l'holocauste d'il y a 97 ans, pour qui il est impossible de sortir à l'air libre irradié. They’re safe, they’re free, and the threat of Mount Weather is gone. The season was internationally syndicated. Of course Cage was quick to point out that they probably wouldn’t have given their marrow willingly, but that’s exactly the point: they would have had a choice. Abby est horrifiée d'apprendre que sa fille a laissé autant des leurs mourir. “We have work to do,” she says. He enters without knocking (as one does in the post-apocalyptic world) and suddenly there’s a woman in a red dress appearing out of nowhere. In part one of the season finale, Sama and Keith talk about their highlights and favorites from Season Two while also casting an eye forward toward the next season.

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