Screenshots contendo elementos da UI são geralmente negadas instantaneamente, o mesmo se aplicando para screenshots do nosso visualizador de modelos ou da tela de seleção de personagem. Reset the instance and do it again. I’ve not seen any on the AH for a very long time. There is no "official" way to view droprates. You can expect to see a purple BoE 91,542/13 boes = 1 boe every 7,041 mobs or so. It has most drops from zealots either because people killed more of that mob than other mobs, or because of pure RNG. But do realize that out of 503k kills from the zealots, they only dropped 10 of these. Commento ... Use addon "Loot Appraiser." Home Forums > Honorbuddy Forum > Honorbuddy Profiles > Farming > [N] 3/2015 Updated Pit of Saron Farm (Battered Hilt + Simian Sphere). Press J to jump to the feed. Or maybe no one is farming them as much. You can expect to see a purple BoE 91,542/13 boes = 1 boe every 7,041 mobs or so. Check out the comments. I farmed naxx for like a week then i got it, i think i got like 15 world boe epics before the toy kinda unlucky, trash before Heigan the Unclean is a good spot. Feel free to rate me down if I'm out of place, but the following people deserve a mighty large shout-out: Favor manter em mente o seguinte antes de escrever um comentário: Seu comentário deve ser em Português ou ele será removido. Oh, also my Super Simian Sphere. I will post if i manage to get the sphere. I’m wondering if they broke it. Is there any website that can shed insight into drop rates BESIDES Wowhead ? It can drop from ANY mob in wotlk, with equal chance. Home Forums > TheBuddyStore > Honorbuddy Store > Honorbuddy Store Profiles > Farming > [PAID] [AH] [QB] Pit of Saron - Super Simian Sphere + Battered Hilt Farm Discussion in ' Farming ' started by SynTacTix , Aug 20, 2015 . And wowhead has by far the largest population of people, and thus highest accuracy. This gives you access to the larger trash pulls after them. That rare lewt drove me cah-razy when it dropped - and then I won it! I’ve not seen any on the AH for a very long time. A toy box collection item. done around 8000~ kills there now but nothing. In the Other Items category. All drop rates are collected using data from people who submitted it using special addon. I doubt it has a higher drop chance there compared to others as I assume its just a random chance from any level 80 elite. Você também pode usá-lo para manter o controle das suas missões completas, receitas, montarias, mascotes e títulos! Simians is a group term for the higher primates like chimpanzees, gorillas and us :). We'll farm for about two more days before we switch to Naxx and then I guess idk. Ive uploaded my data showing that she drops mana pots that arent listed on her droprate. O Cliente do Wowhead é um pequeno aplicativo que usamos para manter nosso banco de dados atualizado, e para fornecermos a você algumas estilosas funcionalidades extras no website! Does the Mjordin Combatant still drop SSS? Então, o que você está esperando? then they stay longer. Not sure if it helps but I’ve had one drop in the Halls of Thunder dungeon near Ulduar back in Wrath of the Lich King. The way I see it, Super Simian Sphere has about the same chance or maybe a little less to drop as the 7 purple BoEs. Baixe o cliente e comece. it’s not listed on the droptable but there are some old vids that state that they drop em. So a monk friend and I have been farming Super Simian and neither of us have had luck getting it off of the Chosen Zealots in the Cathedral of Darkness. All three wings have several trash mobs with wowhead-confirmed drops of the toy. Thereafter, kill all the available trash in each of the Spider, Military and Plague wings, WITHOUT killing any more bosses (stop upon reaching a boss). Is the toy rare? Finish your trash clear in either Plague or Military wing and then teleport out, since those have the longest run back. First run of the week, kill the first boss in the Spider wing (Anub) and the first boss in the Plague wing (Noth). Possibly but I do have that one. Simplesmente procure por sua captura de tela usando o formulário abaixo. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. And for those wanting more of an EQ-based response - Reed Belt/Pearl Kedge Totem from Bilge Farfathom in Dagnor's.

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