Tears running down my face as I type this i sincerely miss and love you bro. Before I even got confirmation of his passing I felt for nip . I see you’ve been doing virtual house parties. Them. He produced many of Dru Hill's projects as well as Mya's debut album. One of them wanted to play basketball and wanted me to drop them off at the park and I said no. Flex: It helps our mind because we didn't know what ...I'm talking about when it was like March when it was cold and rainy out there and all of this gloom and doom...we didn't know what was happening. So it's not like I had a big pot to pick from, chose from. Fun Fact: We might sing the song for our birthdays, but the track was a dedication to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I got "Sicko Mode" out, I got "Racks in the Middle" out, I got all these huge songs and niggas are still questioning the level that I'm on and what I'm doing. Washing your hands might be common sense to some but not to all. There's time's out like that. I don't want to do this anymore." Steelers’ Chase Claypool Signs Jersey For Fan Battling Dementia, He Loves It! I've just seen so much from her in 20 years that I'm just like, "Wow, man. Shanice, what would you tell up and coming talent that is trying to break into the entertainment business? Shanice: I've learned that people over the years grow and they change, and sometimes you have to learn how to go with the change. Everybody's story is different, but you just have to keep trying and keep believing in yourself. Obviously, I'm my own type of producer and got my own flavor with this shit, but the first song we made, the very first song we made was "Legend." You’ve got to keep going. It just keeps you going. The album's first single, "Timeless," features Big Sean and Lil Wayne. Would that fact be weird to share in a bathroom? I've just been getting a lot of love, like a lot of people tapping in, telling me how much they respect this shit, it just sounds authentic, you know? Obviously that's JAY-Z, man, he done made some of the greatest songs he ever heard, so for him to give me his opinion and help me dive into that bag, that shit was unreal. Thank you EVERYONE for rocking last night!!! There are people like Justin Bieber. I would love to be a part [of it]." Bangor Communications LLC. (Laughs) It’s fun. I'm not trying to do anything. What have you learned from her? Shanice: I like to drop it like it's hot. I’m sitting on the phone like, "Yeah!" (Laughs) Like Flex said, we were working before the pandemic, we're working our butts off more now. Believe in yourself. Man, that meant more than anything." And to have a good name and people that love you, I think, is a great thing. Website Content Copyright © 2020 WVII / Fox Bangor, Cleaning product cause of New Balance evacuation, Donald Trump Jr. visit moved to Orrington Church, Penobscot County grand jury issues indictments, Maine CDC: 80 new COVID-19 cases, biggest daily spike to date, Farnsworth Fall Family Festival goes virtual, Belfast officials review Nordic Aquafarm permit, Local expert expects tick activity to increase for next few weeks, ‘Don’t be fooled’: Governor urges continued COVID precautions amid surge, Millions of young voters driving record turnout in battleground states like NC, Florida, Kentucky State Police investigating recent fatal officer-involved shooting during ‘altercation’, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski on NCAA’s maximum games limit: ‘It’s crazy’, Ex-NYPD cop who broke into Black woman’s home, hurled racist slurs ordered to pay $1M, Interim tag off Bowness month after Stars play in Cup final, Tucker Carlson’s explosive Bobulinski interview draws 7.6M viewers as mainstream media ignores it, ‘Just a normal guy’: Chiefs’ Mahomes shares life with world, Panthers RB McCaffrey won’t play vs Falcons, Uchimura positive for COVID-19 just a week before key meet. Fun Fact: While it sounds like siblings Keni, Dennis, James, lead singer Clarence Burke, Jr. are taking over the sentimental song, their eldest sister Alohe opens the loving single. We also worked with a Black-owned company called Ceek, where we do the Flex and Shanice Virtual House Party. Even up there I know you got a smile on your face , A post shared by HIT-BOY AKA Tony Fontana (@hitboy) on Apr 2, 2019 at 7:20am PDT. It's at a point now where if I get on it by myself, people are like, "Where's Shanice?". “I respect things that take work. We may come back to the situation and talk about it. I have a drama that I've developed right before the COVID hit. The "Make Love to Me" singer praised KIRBY for bringing her "funky, soulful, galactic vibe" to take the song to the next level. It’s great to partner with them and just continue to stay active and creative. 'Cause I had sent him the song, so he just helped me overall arrange the song, so it was parts of the beat and parts of the song, he was like, ‘Move that, do this.' Real gutter, gangster-ass, dark sounding shit, so I'm just a music motherfucker. To amp up his first independent release and to spark more feelings of love, he tapped singer KIRBY for her soulful vocals on the remix to "all of your love.". (Laughs), Flex: It worked. You think it's all going to just last forever. Another revelation you made involved JAY-Z's post-production assistance on “One Way Flight” featuring Freddie Gibbs, which you say he helped arrange. Freddie Gibbs' first single dropping, [4 Thangs] produced by me featuring Big Sean. The same can be said for the rest of America, which has now seen a total of 802 confirmed cases and 27 fatalities across 36 states and Washington D.C. “I Love Your Smile” was No. Maskless Woman Goes on ‘Kung Fu’ Attack in Racist Outburst, Patriots’ James White Says Mom ‘Doing Better’ After Horrific Car Crash, NFL Star Melvin Gordon Apologizes For DUI Arrest, ‘I Am Sorry’, Former Miss America Leanza Cornett Dead at 49, Jared Goff on Rams turning Los Angeles into Title Town: ‘It’d be good to make that a little three-peat’, Dodgers players, staff advised to quarantine for 2 weeks if they were near Justin Turner: report, Giants player tests positive for coronavirus as team’s stars come under fire for potentially violating rules, Jerry Jones: Cowboys cut Dontari Poe over weight and performance, not national anthem kneeling, Patrick Mahomes ‘definitely’ thought Jets were interested after pre-draft visit, Man wanted for North Carolina murder arrested in Bangor, Maine Democrats respond to President Donald Trump’s visit, Workplace accident claims life of Veazie man. ‘Golden Girls’ Reboot Table Read Airs with Soulful Remix of Theme Song. 2020 has been a landmark year for you and has seen you become more of a maestro and conductor that delivers bodies of work than a quote-unquote hit-maker. And then, you think it's all going to keep going. That's a beautiful thing. Every patch was hand-sewn. Flex: And we have to have the conversation with Imani as well because it's not just relegated to just men and boys, women, too. It's an even bigger thing because I'm like, 'Y'all niggas thinking that this is all I do. Shanice: Less than a mile from our house, there was a noose at the park. So I just said, 'Man, let me really dial in, tap in and just take a whole different route with this shit.' I would say just don't give up on yourself, keep trying. Everybody in their own pocket, everybody does different things everyday when they wake up, so you gotta be patient with people. What would you say you learned from working on each album and how would you say their creative styles differ? I'm like, 'Damn.' We get ahead of the conversation, but they are very keen. I’m super specific about every detail,” she says in the critically acclaimed documentary Homecoming. Andrew M. Cuomo has announced a "containment zone" in Westchester County's New Rochelle, which has been a highly concentrated area of the virus. Normally, I would just drop him off and come back and pick him up, but I don't feel safe anymore. She says, "Something ain't right," and I'm like, "I got it." I felt like that made all of the difference. 1 in..I believe it was 22 countries. I just had to share that story. What is it about you two that they can identify with Flex and Shanice? Whether they like to hear it or not, she's paved the way. Before, we were just crossing [paths where] everybody's hustling and grinding, hustling. Just learning that this shit moves fast and it's at a high level if you wanna really succeed, like, you gotta really focus and you gotta be on your shit times ten so that era, I learned a lot. [The same with] rap star Juice WRLD, whom you worked with closely on his album, Death Race For Love. Flex: Before I mention that, I'm excited about Netflix releasing One on One. nor Links Online Marketing LLC shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, or misprints. I ain't know what it was, he just texted me the file, I listened, he had a Wayne verse. Flex: ... for anyone. How would you describe your creative connection to JAY-Z and what made you send that particular song to him? I would have learned more about the business on the financial side to plan better. And then I sent it back to him and he was like, 'Okay, this shit's crazy, but if you do this one more thing, it'll just take it over the top,' which was giving Gibbs that spacing and letting the verse kinda be a surprise and come in. He got on YouTube and he's one of the biggest stars in the world. The new event was presented to “raise awareness, intention, and activation around voting rights.” Mission accomplished, we’re guessing, because fans raved about the show … and are already clamoring for another episode. Flex: We are doing exceptionally well. 2019 was a bittersweet year for you, in the sense that you won your second Grammy Award for your work on Nipsey Hussle's "Racks in the Middle," but also had to mourn his death. Juice, on the other hand, young kid, twenty years old or however old he was, we were working on an album, he's doing songs in 20-25 minutes, tops. 13 min read. And then we did stuff on Mailbox Money, different projects of his. The people that came in and people that were on our page, people said, "Yo, this helped me so much get through the night or helped me get through the week. "People will relentlessly and even delusionally mine for information that fits their fearful narrative—a condition known as folie à plusieurs [“madness of several”]," he wrote last week for Worth. He was pulling up nonstop, just rocking with me. I love music. Take everything in more. They got these phones, they see stuff as well. Shanice: We're hanging in there. His team started pulling up and it just became a real thing.

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