He also became the only coach to twice replace a coach in mid-season and take that team to an NBA title. HimselfJasper Jordan (indirectly) In 1997, Riley's Heat defeated his old team, the Knicks, in a physical seven game series. Embarrassed, Riley drags Jordan out the door. Firework: Together Forever: A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular It is revealed that Monty has chosen to stay in case his friends change their minds. …Back to life on the Ark. When Riley suffered a brain freeze, she wore a solid pink short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, and green Converse sneakers. Riley was a recurring character in the fourth season. In DNR, after Jaha announces that a large fallout shelter has been found in Polis, Riley is still drinking at the bar accompanied by Niylah, Jasper, Bree and other young Sky People. Riley is seduced by Faith posing as Buffy. Echo and Bellamy eventually discover Riley, who doesn't seem surprised or worried that they've found him, and Bellamy attempts to talk him down. 1 Filmography 1.1 Anime Dubbing 1.1.1 Anime 2 External Links Beyblade Burst (2016-2017) - Naoki Minamo, Daiki Kobayashi Riley... Games Movies TV Video Wikis Riley was selected as Coach of the Year for the third time however, after leading Miami to a 61–21 regular season record for first place in the Atlantic division. Riley returned to the NBA Finals, in 1994, en route defeating the three-time defending champion Bulls (without Michael Jordan) in seven games during the Eastern Conference semifinals. Disney Infinity 3.0 Riley returns in the short film, where she goes out skating with a boy named Jordan (whom she met at the end of the film).

Street Party • Pixar Play Parade Home Riley and Auggie Matthews are Cory and Topanga's only children, of which Riley is the oldest of the two. The Chicago Bulls had easily swept the Knicks in 1991 en route to their first championship. Riley auditioned for American Idol when she was 17 years old, during the show's second season, but was turned down by the producers.

Riley is known for his friendship with Giorgio Armani, preferring to wear Armani suits during basketball games, and modeling once at an Armani show. For the variant appearing in the games, see Riley. Riley was a white male of average build with blonde hair. However, New York lost in seven games to the Houston Rockets after being up 3–2 in the series. Voice actor: Elie Docter He was head coach of an NBA All-Star Game team nine times: eight times with the Western Conference team (1982, 1983, 1985–1990, all as head coach of the Lakers) and once with the Eastern team (1993, as head coach of the Knicks). Riley figures that since everything in San Francisco is horrible combined with her being so nostalgic about Minnesota, she decides to run away and return to Minnesota (an idea that Anger created believing it was in her best interest). He learned to play the guitar from black farm workers. The phrase stemmed from the Lakers' disappointing 1980–81 campaign coming off a championship the previous season. Four

Riley became a celebrity in his own right, a fashion icon for his Armani suits and slicked-back hair which complemented the team's Hollywood image. Later on though, Riley takes his gun, leaves his radio and slips away with the intention of assassinating Roan, telling Costa that he only intends to take a leak. Video games Later, Riley gets a drink at the bar. [25], Citing hip and knee problems, Riley took a leave of absence from coaching from January 3, 2007, through February 19, 2007. Riley Elphaba Andersen is one of the tetartagonistsin the 2015 Pixar film, Inside Out.

He wears brown pants and black dress shoes. Relatives Christmas: World of Color: Season of Light, Chipper, fun-loving, upbeat, honest, goofy, sensitive, cheerful but prone to outbursts of anger, optimistic, emotional, sentimental, athletic, slightly temperamental, silly, shy (sometimes), perky, cute, Slender, shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair, cornflower-blue eyes, very faint freckles around her nose, noticeable gap between her two front teeth, To remain optimistic even when life makes it hard for her. Riley's original home in Minnesota might be a reference to director Pete Docter, who was also originally from Minnesota. Riley's pajamas consisted of a green short-sleeved shirt with blue trim featuring a koala bear on the front and dark blue sweatpants. By the time her family moves to San Francisco, she starts to be more troubled, irked, and lonely. Riley is one of the 24 Males that were added to the Flicker (WIP) in 2018. Last Appearance Riley is a practicing Roman Catholic. Riley led the Lakers to four consecutive NBA Finals appearances. Dance and Play It!

Portrayal He wears a blue dress coat and a black shirt with a crest similar to Sir Aaron's gloves.

Riley can second-guess herself, but she doesn't always repent her actions. When Riley arrived on her first day of school, she wore the same outfit, but with a yellow jacket. [22], During the 2005 off-season, it was widely speculated that Riley was attempting to run Van Gundy out of his coaching job and take over the job himself, now that the team was in a position to contend for the championship. He looked to be in his teens or early twenties. You've read the reluctance in her eyes, suspected a false note in her promises. She is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. It was Riley's fifth championship as a head coach, and his first with a team other than the Lakers.

Riley is part of a brand new hockey team and there are new islands in her mind. Riley means " Courageous " and " Rye clearing " and is of Irish origin. When Jasper arrives, Riley greets him with a fist bump and is then seen with Bree dancing to the music. [31], On February 27, 2007, the Miami Heat were honored for their 2005–2006 NBA Championship at the White House. Riley is one of Yamaki's two main scientists in Hypnos, monitoring Wild Ones and Devas for him alongside Tally. Clothing We hole up in a bunker now? Riley Jackson's Bulls that season went on to win the finals and accomplish a "three-peat," despite Riley's trademark in 1989.[19].

With future Hall of Famers Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, plus Michael Cooper, Byron Scott, A. C. Green, Mychal Thompson, and Kurt Rambis, the Lakers finished 65–17 in the regular season, third-best in team history.

Jaha approaches the party and reminds Jasper that everyone needs to be ready to leave at the appointed hour, “we're talking about the future of the human race here Mr. Jordan: participation is not optional”. Adora • Alec • Aphrodite • Arielle • Bailey • Chidi • Cody • Elizabeth • Jane • John • Joshua • Kai • Kiryomi • Lukey • Melodie • Prasiddhi • Quinn • Vinny, Male Deceased In 1988, Riley published a book entitled Showtime: Inside the Lakers' Breakthrough Season, a New York Times best seller which recapped the Lakers' successful run to the 1987 NBA Championship. I want to go home. Riley then moved from the broadcast booth to the bench as one of Westhead's assistant coaches.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In 1995–96, Riley led the Heat to a 10-game turnaround to finish 42–40.

Other names He retired after the 1975–76 NBA season as a member of the Western Conference champion Phoenix Suns. Riley finished his NBA playing career with a 7.4 points per game scoring average and a field-goal percentage of 41.4%.[8]. Background information

Riley seems satisfied by this and then returns to work. He then recorded "Trouble Bound", produced by Jack Clement and Slim Wallace. Due to his imprisonment at the hands of Azgeda, Riley developed a profound hatred for the Ice Nation. If you don't vote, you don't count." Riley Stavros is a graduate of Degrassi Community School of the Class of 2011, and attends Eastern University on a football scholarship. After Miller and Bellamy overpower Tybe, Monty frees the slaves, who with Riley, proceed to beat Tybe to death. Kaitlyn DiasLola Cooley (toddler)Mary Gibbs (screams and cries; recycled from Monsters, Inc.) "She knows that I will kill you, Riley. When Harper takes this to mean that Jaha will force them to leave, Jasper announces that it is a test, making it clear to everyone that if they stay with him then they are choosing death, and he gives everyone a chance to leave with the rest of their people for Polis. Meanwhile, her parents suspect that she is going out on a date with him and the Andersen's emotions all try to find a way to make it through this, like when her mother tells Riley in a "cool way" that is Riley hanging with Jordan, leaving Riley confused, with weird and comical results.

Her home kingdom Glowshire is visited in A Piece of Cake when they seek out Glowfruit there for a cake for Nella's dad. Many players nickname him an "emo Makoto" due to his similarities to the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Becca • Christy • Coralie • Danielle • Elaina • Eva • Evaline • Jo • Lara • Liza • Mack • Madelyn • Marie • Natalie • Nicole • Regan • Rosalina • Sabrina • Scarlett. https://robloxflicker.fandom.com/wiki/Riley?oldid=29900. He was originally from Farm Station. When Jaha arrives with a squad of guardsmen, demanding they open the doors, Jasper turns the music up, although eventually goes to talk to Bellamy, who is with Jaha. Gender: Things go well until Meg tells Riley all about the wonders of her new best friend, whereupon Riley feels replaced and gets so angry that she hangs up on Meg. Bryan and Riley were on the Farm station together when it went down and Riley immediately recognized him. Seasons Riley was born in Rome, New York and raised in Schenectady, New York. Riley is depicted as wearing a black, open, leather, long-sleeved jacket with a fur-coated collar over a simple white tank shirt, baggy, blue, denim jeans with pockets, and black converse shoes with white soles. She has a thing for Johnny Hitswell and anything sweet. The others being the 1994–95 Houston Rockets, the 1980–81 Houston Rockets, and the 1998–99 New York Knicks. When Riley returns to her worried parents, she confesses that she was pretending to still be happy and that she misses the good old days in Minnesota.

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