In her youth, she had long red hair and wore large blue glasses. Mikey has several, like the one delivered in "Prince Randal" after T.J. comes back as a victim of the "Dodge Ball Wall". Minions "Bad Hair Day" sends the two girls in the team to a science convention, causing them not to appear until the very end of the episode. Gretchen tells him great kings aren't remembered for the things they build, but by the things they do for their people. Everything from how a scuffle is conducted to weird superstitions is treated as deadly serious, and God help you if you don't automatically know all the rules; if you're. Others: Elvis Presley • Pudge • Jimmy the Cockroach • Various Aliens • Leroy Clones • Sergeant C4703BK2704-90210, Season Two: "Spike" • "Frenchfry" • "Swapper" • "Shoe" • "Slick" • "Skip" • "Checkers" • "PJ" • "Ploot" • "Snooty" • "Retro" • "Belle" • "Morpholomew" • "Spats" • "Heckler" • "Wishy-Washy" • "Phoon" • "Bugby" • "Rufus" • "Shush" • "Lax" • "Remmy" • "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats/Ace" • "Glitch/Woops" • "Snafu" • "Link", Cold, strict, no-nonsense, tough, funny, grouchy, kind hearted, well-intentioned, Obese, elderly, careworn face, gray hair, squinty black eyes, red lips, pale skin, yellow short-sleeved dress with white collar and waistband and pink diamonds all over it, both white petticoat and pearl earrings, pale black stockings, black high heeled shoes, black cat eyed glasses with gemstones, whistle around her neck, pink bracelet on her right wrist, silver watch on her left wrist. Gus became this when King Bob appointed him temporary monarch of the playground. Being unpopular, Fourth (later fifth) Grade student at Third Street School. Randall looks like a minature version of his father, only with more hair (and no pencil mustache). Swing! A majority of Third Street Elementary Students (especially the recess gang), Dr. Phillium Benedict, Fenwick, Secret Service Look-Alike Foot Soldiers Randall is the most hated kid in school for his snitching ways, resulting in him being banned from the Fifth and Sixth Graders' Club. The main six characters (and Miss Finster) themselves last appeared in a 2006 crossover episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series. SnitchLoserWeasel After Vince becomes conceited about his victory streak in sports games, the rest of the gang dare him to lose. As demonstrated in the episode "Prince Randall", he has many high-tech, spying devices, which he uses. Personality Archetypal authoritarian teacher personality, Miss Finster has a strong desire for a school in which children are not allowed to have fun or act like children. The kids have T.J.(the undisputed leader of the group)in the Bob Crane role; Gretchen(the smart one)in the Larry Hovis role; Vince(the school jock)in the Ivan Dixon role,Spinnelli(the tough girl)would be a cross between Richard Dawson;Gus(was the mousey kid)in the Robert Clary role,and Mikey(the big kid with the soul of a poet). Principal Slicer was a shockingly unsubtle example. Randall J. Weems is the resident snitch of Third Street School. The episode is presented quite well in a very creepy atmosphere, with Mikey's Bike coming to life and stalking him, then all the other vehicles in the city. Spinelli is hot-tempered and sarcastic, but will always stand up for her friends. Played straight with "El Diablo". This embarrasses her mainly because her sworn enemies are a gang of snobby, preppy girly-girls "The Ashleys". Shortly afterwards, Ms. Finster tries to climb in through an air vent, but gets stuck; she then asks Randall to return to her house and get the butter to loosen her up. Most episodes involve one or more of the main six characters seeking a rational balance between individuality and social order. 9 (in the series)10 (in "Randall's Friends", Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade) When Miss Finster and the recess gang go to Kauai she goes to the spa for a relaxing massage. The series was notably the only show to premiere in the initial season of Disney's One Saturday Morning that would last the entirety of the block's run, going on well into the first two years of ABC Kids (The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh doesn't count, as it originally ran on ABC from 1988 to 91; they put in on to fulfill ABC stations' E/I quotas). "Copycat Kid": After believing Vince has saved him from being killed by a baseball, Mikey decides to idolize and copy him throughout the course of the episode, leading Vince to act like Mikey temporarily in order for him to snap out of the phase. On the episode where Ms. Finster babysits Spinelli for the weekend, Ms. Finster arranges a luau after overhearing Spinelli talk about how boring Ms. Finster is outside of school, featuring the elderly and hunched Ms. Finster and the under-aged Spinelli in coconut bras and hula skirts. In a later episode, Spinelli is forced to take ballet lessons and meets a quartet of snooty ballerinas named Megan. Parade: Disney's Dreams On Parade: Moving On • Flights of Fantasy Parade • Happiness is Here Parade • Jubilation! Once there, Miss. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SWIRLIE! This is Spinelli's eat the camera featured in "Mama's Girl". Mikey has one in "Big Ol' Mikey", about him growing up to be a giant and destroying the city. Paul GermainJoe Ansolabehere Disney+ launch lineup: Every movie and TV show available to stream in the US on day one,, The gang frequently refer to T.J. as "Teej", similar to how, During T.J.'s nightmare about the never-ending rain causing a flood in ". Randall's possible other friends are Barry and Scribe Kid as they, along with Menlo, were all on the same soccer team in the episode "Soccer Boy" and were together at Menlo's Birthday Party in the episode "Some Friend". Perfect" • "Good Luck Charm" • "Diggers Split Up" • "Schoolworld" • "Bachelor Gus" • "The Dude" • "Partners in Crime" • "The Candidates" • "This Brain for Hire" • "The Barnaby Boys" • "Buried Treasure" • "The Library Kid" • "The Ratings Game" • "Spinelli's Masterpiece" • "Nobody Doesn't Like T.J." • "A Great State Fair" • "The A.V. It is said that Randall wrote the code of the Snitch Life. Known as a legendary student of Third Street School who was the prankster prince, the king of the playground before he became a sixth grader, and an all around badass wanted to become a teacher because he thinks science is interesting. The show premiered on September 13, 1997 as part of Disney's One Saturday Morning, along with Doug (which was already running on the channel before that as well as Nickelodeon) and Pepper Ann. In "Weekend at Muriel's", when the gang are explaining to Spinelli about how she gets through hard times, Gretchen brings up Spinelli calling Miss Grotke "mama" in "Mama's Girl". Other names Then she tries going backwards through the basement window, only to get stuck in the window frame ("Curse these bodacious hips of mine!" The students of Third Street School set up a microcosm of traditional human society complete with its own government, class system, and a set of unwritten laws. Miss Finster trusts Randall more than anyone and even entrusted Randall with a personal key to the playground ball storage room. Quote I don't want another Arbor Day incident!". And T.J. lost the slight puppy-dog sparkle in his eyes after season one. Created by Ratting out other students especially T.J and friends, ruling others, being rewarded for his weasel ways, making others laugh, pleasing Miss Finster and his Father, manipulating students laugh, mocking other kids This happened to Vince after one of the Ashleys outclassed him in kickball. The series first aired as part of the ABC Kids Saturday Morning schedule from 1997 to 2001,and from there repeats aired on both the Disney Channel. Then their ate the grown-ups that would be named Principal Prickly(in the Werner Klemperer Col. Klink role),and last but certainly not least the evil Miss Finster(in the John Banner Sgt. The Disney Channel recycled all 65 episodes in repeats from 2006 until 2011. Vince has one in "Copycat Kid" about Mikey taking over his life after trying to become exactly like him. Another episode has Randall team up with Menlo to blackmail the rest of the playground with various embarrassing things such as secrets, knowledge of them having cheated or taken advantage of errors for their advantage, or knowledge of their parents. In "Chez Vince," Vince is wrangled into improving the cafeteria food. The show subverts the usual cartoony way of giving all the girls eyelashes and none of the boys- neither are drawn with them. Full name Aside from Gretchen, the other five members of the gang aren't in the spotlight in "The Girl was Trouble". As Randall returns with the butter, and Ms. Finster manages to get free, they witness T.J.’s friends fleeing from a group of ninjas, causing them to suspect something is going on in the school. It was reran on Disney Channel from 2003 to 2005, and was reran again from 2008 to 2010. More generally, Spinelli is the masculine girl to the gentle Mikey's feminine boy, a relationship best displayed in "Dance Lessons. Mr. "The Dude" Dudakoff apparently used to use "Sup-ple!" Children having fun, students misbehaving and breaking rules, troublemakers, fighting, bullies (except Randall), wrestling, cartoons, excuses, Spinelli calling her boring Menlo's name has been spelt as "Menlow" at times. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Ashley A. Randall is generally disliked by everyone at Third Street due to his status as a snitch., Possible other friends of Randall are Barry and Scribe Kid as they, along with Menlo, were all on the same football team in ". His association with Miss Finster Played straight with the Library Kid- in her debut self-titled episode, when she's running around the playground, her panties can be briefly seen. Recess is an American animated television series that was created by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere (who worked on Rugrats until the show was originally supposed to end in 1994), and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Gus and T.J. are a bit taller in the later episodes, showing that the kids are getting a little older. Recess The last episode aired on November 21, 2001, with 65 episodes (128 episodes when stories A and B are broken up). Use the HTML below. Safety Rangers Ronnie and Al from “Officer Mikey” are shown to be this after their dream of singing the national anthem comes true. It was Randall who started the food fight, and it is hinted that he was squealed on by every single member of the student body to Finster besides Gus and his friends. T.J.: I gulped, Spinelli. BullyMiss Finster's WeaselStudent of Third Street Elementary )within the confines of the school,the playground(where the gang hatches up most of their plans),the odd field trip not to mention the daily doses of anything and everything that goes on within the confines of the school....really it's like Hogan's Heroes but in a school setting with kids! (Spinelli shares their name, but doesn't want to be associated with them.). Scribe KidMenloBarryLawson's Crew (temporary) said in unison, and their little brothers do the same with "NOTORIOUS!". Could also be an. Randall was the right-hand man of T.J. in the episode ". Season Two: "The Break-up" • "The Hypnotist" • "Mama's Girl" • "Outcast Ashley" • "The Game" • "The Lost Ball" • "Gus' Last Stand" • "Operation Field Trip" • "The Challenge" • "Wild Child" • "The Substitute" • "Gretchen and the Secret of Yo" • "The Girl Was Trouble" • "Copycat Kid" • "Operation Stuart" • "Pharaoh Bob" • "The Story of Whomps" • "Weekend at Muriel's" • "Economics of Recess" • "Omega Kids" • "Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave" • "Bad Hair Day" • "Dance Lessons" • "Principal for a Day" • "The Beauty Contest" Another episode had the main six follow Ms. Grotke after school and discovered she had a secret double life performing. This trait was also hinted at in the ending of Recess: School's Out, where Randall was visibly disgusted at Fenwick trying to squeal on his own boss just to reduce his own sentencing for his role in the agenda and called him a squealer. Likes ", TJ has a huge love of space and has dreamed of being an astronaut since he was a kid. T.J. and Vince are often paired like this, same with Mikey and Gus.

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