Design by StylishWP. These are about an inch and a quarter wide with a long stick pin (be careful, they are sharp). Men were beginning to ditch their Brylcreem and discover the wonders of the blow dryer in the early 1970s. The brand is now owned by Japanese company Kirin. How many do you remember? Colour TV had been around for a while overseas and there had been experimental telecasts in Australia. That was up only 1% from 1971. There’s much controversy about who the inventor of email is. It also pictures one of the 75th anniversary commemorative Coke glasses that were being given away. At launch, banks mailed Bankcards to all their eligible customers causing an outcry about security. Although it sure didn’t look mobile, the first cell phone was invented in 1973 by Motorola. It was founded by Lebanese brothers Mick and Karl Marjan. The Mitani family bought Brinkworth’s business in 1979 and, with it, acquired the recipe for chicken salt. Luckily, an engineer for Reynolds Metals, Daniel F. Cudzik, came up with the “Sta-Tab” -- which today are the push-through pop-tops we see on cans. These are not very common. Increased Asian immigration saw food choices diversify, in restaurants and in retail outlets. The fellow that had this stuff is a friend who searched old bottling plants and hauled most of this stuff out many years ago. Unused, and in nice condition. We are very interested in what growing up in the 70s meant to you. These are high quality. Many such products used fruits and flowers in the product descriptions. The increase in overseas travel continued. If I remember correctly, my brother’s sleeping bag had a bunch of stars on it in red, white and blue. Kraft Singles, individually wrapped slices of processed cheddar were launched in Australia in 1976. More beer was sold from Cincinnati breweries than anywhere in the world, and it was widely claimed to be the best in the world. Old unused stock in excellent condition. They says "The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends" on the front and are marked "Copyright Ward Productions" and "Licensed by Universal Studios" on the reverse. One summer day in 1845, Charles Ratherbee, a trumpeter, got into a fight with Joseph Harvey, who rented space in a garden from Ratherbee and was sowing seeds where the trumpeter had planned to plant potatoes. As a result, it promised, you would live to play tennis with your grandchildren. If you're a child of the 1970s, you're probably used to younger generations assuming you grew up growing out your hair and listening to disco. YOSHIKAZU TSUNO | AFP | Getty Images. The 29 Coolest Gifts for Tweens This Year. Excellent unused condition. These were given away as a premium in Sugar Crisp cereal boxes. 10 Classic Ads From 1970, “In terms of interior roominess, Ambassador outshines its bigger competitors. Bottle Only 94¢. Excellent unused condition. He left to open the Flower Drum, which became renowned as one of Melbourne’s finest restaurants and was eventually recognised as one of the world’s top restaurants by Restaurant magazine in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005. LIMIT 2 per customer. More, Gough Whitlam’s Labor government was elected after 23 years of Liberal Party rule. Their first book, Permaculture One, was published in 1978. IBM reshaped the way people thought about data storage in 1971, when it released the floppy disk. The Davids group, which included Supa Valu and Foodland, had 5%, Franklins had 4%, and the Western Australian group FAL 1%. From the first mobile phone to the Rubik's Cube, check out some of the most impactful inventions from the 1970s. “Aluminum pull-tabs are now common elements of our environment and inevitable offenders as foreign bodies in the esophagus,” a 1970s article from the Journal of Pediatrics noted. In fact, anyone who took the time to read the “ingredients” panel would probably discover that Short & Sassy was made up of the same stuff as every other shampoo on the shelf. It's fragrant nature explores essences of peach gardenia and iris. Remember the records that you would cut out of the back of cereal boxes? It had high calcium and high protein, and was promoted as useful for people who were trying to lower the cholesterol in their diets. These are about an inch and a quarter wide with a long stick pin (be careful, they are sharp). We dug these out of the warehouse they ended up in. 1971 was the year when smoked oysters  became socially unacceptable. The building (shown here) was most recently a Korean restaurant with the red roof painted green, but in early 2018 was demolished, to be replaced by a mixed-use development. These are a little over an inch and a half wide with a pin on the back. Jackson lived for another four hours, able to walk but not make sensible speech. REV milk was low fat and high calcium and aimed at young adults. It also has the longest wheelbase of the cars in the Standard field–122 inches as opposed to the 121 inches of nearest rival. You can't buy anything new this quality for anywhere near this price. Newly Arrived Backstage Passes and Music Related, Beads Charms Findings Cameos Cabs Jewelry and More, VINTAGE CAMEOS AND INTAGLIOS - CLICK HERE, VINTAGE BEADS PENDANTS DROPS TASSLES - CLICK HERE, VINTAGE BUTTONs SEW ONs GLUE ONs - CLICK HERE, VINTAGE FINDINGS/STAMPINGS/PARTS - CLICK HERE.

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