I think, for more and more concepts, they do have to think about [on-premises dining] as only one of several different modes that could work. With no expensive Monica Toriello: With so many people ordering for delivery, do you think it’s realistic for a restaurant or a restaurant chain to survive without partnering with an aggregator or a third-party delivery provider? We can bring a ton of pizzas. Stacey Haas: I ate at a restaurant last week. John has worked with a range of companies in the food-service value chain, including quick-service restaurants [QSRs], fast-casual chains, convenience stores, and ingredient providers. The monthly plan that includes online ordering starts at $100 per month. Their articles, titled “How restaurants can thrive in the next normal” and “Eating out(side): Restaurant dining in the next normal,” are both available on McKinsey.com. Do you have enough scale? But then you see these pictures of all the outdoor dining that got set up on the sidewalks, in the streets, in parking lots, in parks—sort of anywhere and everywhere—and the joy that comes from people being able to be outside and experience the tremendous food culture that exists in that city. We talked to executives from a sit-down pizza chain a few weeks ago that were saying things along the lines of, “While we’re still not getting the dining-room traffic and capacity we want, are there ways that we can bring food to neighborhoods, to cul-de-sacs? There are several restaurant ordering systems available that essentially let you input your menu information to create a simple ordering platform you can include on your own website or mobile app. Founded in 2017, PoppinPay’s mission is to help small businesses adopt a mobile order ahead solution that integrates fully with Square. Consumers know what they want when they shop—from a tailored online destination to an adaptable mobile solution—and that creates an opportunity for savvy retailers and restaurateurs. And although the focus of this conversation will be the restaurant industry in the United States, many of the lessons and recommendations will apply to restaurants elsewhere in the world as well. Yumzy food delivery app strives to make its customers satisfied by giving them the best offers, without making them compromise on the quality of food. She’s helped not just restaurants but also retailers and consumer-goods companies capture growth through portfolio strategy, innovation, and design. The consumer is in a very different place, and we’re having to operate with very different models. Of course, delivery has always been around, but it was a small proportion of the experience. Plus, you don’t have to have an internal marketing department and a software development team for your restaurant to jump on the order ahead bandwagon. At least, that’s the media’s reaction whenever consumer trends show traditional industry taking a hit. Monica Toriello: Some of the things you’ve talked about involve changes to the physical layout of the restaurant and to real estate. But those types of solutions have to last you a lot longer than that. Practical resources to help leaders navigate to the next normal: guides, tools, checklists, interviews and more, Learn what it means for you, and meet the people who create it. You see some players like Starbucks: they’re essentially doing pickup-only locations. PR Newswire, a Cision company, is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms and distribution that marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers leverage to engage key audiences. We will have to use at least one cookie to ensure that you won't have to make this choice again. Customers collect digital stamps on purchases So, if we end up having something similar here in the US, we could see a little bit of a dip. You can offer It’s both fresh food and things that you can have for cooking at home. But it has been an exceedingly difficult year for many restaurant operators. The launch of Order Ahead builds on Lightspeed’s innovative product suite for the hospitality industry. I live in Manhattan, and I was walking around yesterday, and there are streets where it’s almost like a party atmosphere—tons of people eating outside. QSRs are recognizing the potential for increased sales and developing mobile order ahead options as a result. The speed at which customers or delivery people can pull in, get what they’re looking for, and continue on their routes is going to be really critical, I believe, for long-term stickiness to that brand and ongoing ordering. Even if the independent-restaurant segment is hard hit, I have no doubt that, in the future, longer term, people will come back. There are a lot of independents that are having to be very scrappy and incredibly innovative just to get through this. 3 Save time and enjoy deals with every order. Monica Toriello: As you both said, it looks like restaurants are going to have to be agile for a while longer. Subscribed to {PRACTICE_NAME} email alerts. Engage, incent, and reward your customers with actionable data So that’s pretty interesting. MarTech Series covers marketing technology news, editorial insights and digital marketing trends from around the globe. Applova is an end-to-end order ahead provider for restaurants. The cloud based system allows you to accept orders online and manage them alongside in-person orders on the same platform. When was the last time you ate at a restaurant? hereLearn more about cookies, Opens in new Most recently, Lightspeed unveiled eCom for Restaurant to help users seamlessly transition their businesses online. ordering helps eliminates lines, wait-times and delays in order One of the things we spent a lot of time on with CPG companies is how to be more agile: to ideate quickly but then get out and test and learn from consumers. Restaurants are increasingly realizing that people don’t order sides, appetizers, and desserts as frequently when they’re ordering for delivery or for off-premises consumption, and those are oftentimes some of the biggest moneymakers you have. Thinking about that really carefully is key. Restolabs offers an online ordering system for restaurants that’s packed with a lot of potentially useful features, including Facebook ordering, multilingual support and real-time analytics. This is a state-by-state and city-by-city conversation. My last question for you: If a restaurant operator comes to you and says, “I want my business to make it through this. As COVID-19 drives growth in the restaurant-to-consumer delivery market worldwide, hospitality businesses are turning to technology to reduce friction and high fees in the takeout and delivery experience. But, of course, that’s an overall average. How do we create something that’s still really powerful for customers and keeps them attached to our brand? Actually, I think a lot of restaurants have done this fantastically well. Today, mobile ordering, order ahead, and social media offers are how millennials tend to interact with QSRs. We store cookies on your computer to improve your experience and provide more personalized services, both on this website and on other sites. About LightspeedLightspeed (NYSE and TSX: LSPD) powers complex small and medium-sized businesses with its cloud-based, omnichannel commerce platforms in over 100 countries. Our flagship business publication has been defining and informing the senior-management agenda since 1964. I’m paying separately on an app. Further restrictions may apply. Then again, some restaurants, especially in a few places—for example, independent restaurants in urban areas—are doing meaningfully worse than 10 or 15 percent down; it’s still not sustainable. The app’s browse tab separates the restaurants that have order ahead from those where you can only order in-store. Made In NYC | Whether for bespoke dishes, limited edition merchandise, or grocery items, this new eCom platform allows restaurants to continue to maintain strong customer relationships and diversify revenue. The benefit to millennials ruining everything is the opportunity presented by shifting customer preferences. Guests will love the digital experience and Stacey Haas: What we’re seeing right now is that after the terrible drop in revenue that occurred in March and April of this year, there was a pretty rapid increase in May, June, and July, once a lot of restaurants were able to start opening. I’m overwhelmed and worried and anxious but I want to make it work. So how do you entice a consumer to still add on those other high-margin items when they’re ordering off premises? John R. Moran: In a lot of ways, the COVID-19 crisis is really accelerating a trend—you see this in broader retail as well—toward unbundling the restaurant experience. We’re now doing curbside, come back in, do this”—that’s gold. Take a look at other smart Your email address will not be published. We use cookies essential for this site to function well. You can set it up so people can place orders on your website, Facebook page and mobile app. It is nice that there is something like this that customers can use to order from restaurants no matter where they are. your customized mobile sales channel. Let your customers know about special offers and promotions with push We’re giving away a lot of discounted entrées.” But that has been a huge lifeline for the company—because the consumer is entirely up for grabs. "Small Business Trends" is a registered trademark. Stacey Haas: I actually think it might go the other way. Place Orders Online or on your Mobile Phone. 1 Browse restaurant menus near you. Brand Safety Institute Names Louis Jones as Incoming Brand…, NexTech Appoints Dr. David Cramb to Board of Directors, Ping Identity Named as Denver Top Workplace, CEO Named as…, GameStop Partners With Klarna to Offer Gaming Community a…, Treasure Data Provides Game-Changing Analytics for Brands…, Copyright © 2020 MarTech Series.

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