And an output line is taken between resistor and NPN Transistors. Logic high output is achieved when necessarily both the inputs are high. The logical symbol of a 3-input OR gate is represented as: In digital electronics, other logic gates include NOT gates, NAND gates, NOR gates, XOR gates, XNOR gates. its working. Basically, there are various operations performed by different logic gates that include addition, multiplication, inverse, etc. Hence resulting in the truth table given below. So in this post, you will learn how to make an OR Gate using Diodes on Breadboard. In this case, p-terminal of diode A is at 0 volts w.r.t n-terminal which is  <.7v and hence acts like an open circuit. The time taken for the input to be seen at the output is called propagation delay. When input A is held high, a small current passes through the base of transistor Q22. Again pin numbers 4 and 5 are the inputs of the second gate whose output is in pin 6. NMOSFETs switch on when there is high state “1” on its gate and starts conducting current through it. Logicly provides an engaging, hands-on learning environment for teaching logic gates and circuits. NOTE: When P-terminal of a Diode is at a higher potential (>.7v) then its n terminal, it acts like a short circuit. This circuit shows perfect OR behaviour. In calculators, computers and digital logic circuits. NOR is actually INVERT of OR. Actually entire 5V will not appear at X, around 0.6 to 0.7 V will drop across the diode as forwarding bios voltage, and the rest of the voltage i.e. The OR gate follows the logical operation of the input and output signals. Truth tables list the output of a particular digital logic circuit for all the possible combinations of its inputs. The OR gate can also be realized by using a transistor. But the focus of this article will be on the OR Gate because later we would be building an OR Gate using a BJT transistor circuit, similar to the AND Gate transistor circuit that we built earlier. The output goes high only after some time, i.e. I am sure you must be familiar with an OR Gate, it’s Truth Table, Logic symbol, and. OR gate is a Logic Gate and called so because OR means “to add”. 74LVC32 is another low voltage CMOS version of the same. If all of an OR gate's inputs are false, then the output of the OR gate is false. 5 – 0.6 = 4.4 V or 5 – 0.7 = 4.3 V will appear at X. Let the two switches be A and B, then the we can explain the switching operation of OR gate as When both switches A and B are open (switches are supplied with low level input signal) i.e. In this case, p-terminal of both diodes is at higher potential w.r.t n-terminal which is  >.7v and hence acts like short circuits. The symbolic representation of the AND gate is shown above. One solution would be to decrease the values of all the resistors, so that more current flows and the capacitances are charged quickly. As a result, there will be a voltage drop across LOAD resistor resulting in HIGH state “1” at the output. The first version of the OR gate is the simplest one – it consists of two paralleled emitter followers sharing a common emitter resistor. Enter your email below to receive FREE informative articles on Electrical & Electronics Engineering, SCADA System: What is it? In this article we will be building an OR Logic gate using transistor, if you want to know more on OR gate and how they work you can check this basics of OR gate article. From the basic Flip-Flops to Microcontrollers Logic gates form the underlying principle on how bits are stored and processed. The boolean expression of the AND gate is represented as. And turns off when there is LOW state and become open(no flow of current). For the third gate pin number 8 and 9 are the inputs whose output is pin number 10 for the last gate pin number 12 and 13 are the inputs whose respective output is at pin number 11. In TTL logic 2- input OR gate IC number is 74LS32. 3. Just like an AND gate, an OR gate may have any number of input probes but only one output probe. In this case, p-terminal of diode B is at 0 volts w.r.t n-terminal which is  <.7v and hence acts like an open circuit. So, we can conclude that both AND and OR are the two basic logic gates designed to execute boolean operations. OUT                =             IN1 + IN2 + IN3, OUT                =          (IN1 + IN2) + IN3, OUT              =            IN1 + IN2 + IN3 + IN4, OUT              =          (IN1 + IN2) + (IN3 + IN4). In this schematic two NPN transistor is used in parallel configuration and 2 input resistors and a pull-down resistor. Which is correct? In AND gate, logic high output is achieved only when both the applied inputs are high. A mathematical table used to specify input to output logic combination of a digital circuit is known as a truth table, the truth table of OR Gate is given below. A type of logic gate that is designed to perform logical addition of two applied inputs is known as the OR gate. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) MILITARY, International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) EUROPEAN, Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) GERMANY. But when both the digital values at the input of the AND logic gate is high then the gate produces a logic high signal at its output. However, when 1 and 1 are multiplied then its product will be 1 itself. Case 1: When both the inputs are low, the output is low, Case 2: When one input is low and the other is high, the output is high, Case 3: And vice versa, when other input is low, the output is high, Case 4: And finally when both inputs are high, the output is high. If either “A” or “B” is “1”, Then “C” is 1. Power vs Linear Electronics and Applications. A logic gate which gives low state “0” only and only when all of the inputs are low state “0”. Logic gate is considered as a device which has the ability to produce one output level with the combinations of input levels. The current is dropped across the emitter resistor. As you can see in the figure given below inputs are fed through the input resistor to the gates of two parallel connected NMOSFETs and output is taken across load resistor “R1”.

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