It's a move so dangerous that only a select few Superstars are given the honor of even attempting the move, which considering the horrific consequences of it not being pulled off correctly is most certainly a good thing. It's kind of amazing that more wrestlers haven't gone for such a basic move before, as, speaking realistically, it's the simplest and most effective way to win a match. It doesn't take something flashy to keep someone down for the count, no matter how many flips you incorporate or how brutal the end result can look, as it still has to look real. It's incredibly rare for a wrestler to have one fake looking finisher, as well as one that looks like it could send his opponent to the emergency room, yet here we are with Alberto Del Rio. Will Ospreay would start 2019 well and defeat Kota Ibushi for the NEVER Openweight Championship in the opening match of Wrestle Kingdom 13, signifying a potential move to the Heavyweight division. The momentum that Holly could generate with the move looks like more than enough to completely knock the wind out of his opponent's lungs, leaving them gasping for air while they get pinned. On the third night of the event, Ospreay dropped the World Television title to his tag partner Marty Scurll. William Ospreay (7 May 1993) is an English professional wrestler better known by the ring name Will Ospreay. Uonuma 2016, NEVER Openweight Six Man Tag Team Championship, RevPro Undisputed British Heavyweight Championship, RevPro British Cruiserweight Championship, RevPro Undisputed British Tag Team Championship, What Culture Pro Wrestling/Defiant Wrestling,, Standing Shooting Star Press (Also used as finisher), Running Knee Strike to an opponent's head; used as a finisher in WCPW/DW, "Goin' Down" by Brady Ellis/Warner Chappell (, "The Aerial Assassin" by Yonosuke Kitamura, PCW 'One to Watch in 2015' End of Year Award (2014), Defiant Wrestling Award for Match of the Year (2017) – vs, 5 Star Match (2016) with Matt Sydal and Ricochet vs. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) on 3 September, 5 Star Match (2019) vs. Kota Ibushi on July 18, 5 Star Match (2020) vs. Shingo Takagi on September 27, Best Flying Wrestler (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019), Match of The Year (2019) vs. Shingo Takagi on June 5. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. World Wrestling Entertainment – ECW (Nunzio): January 4, 2008–SmackDown!/ECW: ECW’s Nunzio defeated Nick Nemeth (w/Big Rob) in a dark match.. January 15, 2008–ECW on Sci-Fi: Shelton Benjamin defeated Nunzio (Shelton gave Nunzio his finisher again after the match).. April 8, 2008–ECW on Sci-Fi: Elijah Burke defeated Nunzio.. Billed from Running up to his opponent, leaping into the air, then using his foot to drive them face first into the canvas is as brutal as it gets. The big difference between Balor and Del Rio's double foot stomp is that for Del Rio to pull off his move, he needs his opponent to stupidly hold on to the top rope while he gets in position, while Balor needs a few seconds to quickly scatter to the top turnbuckle. Debut It doesn't get much more simple, or effective, than the move the late Yokozuna would use to put away his opponents for good. They had a rematch on 19 June at NJPW Dominion 6.19 In Osaka-Jo Hall but was again defeated by KUSHIDA. That gets exponentially magnified when there are cinder blocks added in for a little extra flair. The former Olympian was no stranger to technical holds and nothing clicked for him quite like the Ankle Lock did, as he tapped into his pure wrestling style. Not only is the head being driven face first into the canvas, it's the hooking of your opponent's arms behind his back beforehand that adds to it, as you're leaving him no choice but to smile and eat the floor. When you use a move that requires someone to hold onto the top rope while you get in position or your finish is something that happens in literally every other match like a regular punch to the face, a lot of the illusion that the WWE tries their hardest to maintain is gone in an instant. As is the theme with the majority of this list, it's a very simple move that requires very little set up on the participant's part, but ends with a bang. Height Drawing from his experience as an MMA fighter, Del Rio is able to perform the submission with ease and a certain amount of realism that jumps out of the screen. For that, we applaud him. 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The big difference between Angle and guys like Shamrock and Jack Swagger is more than just his background though, as when Angle applied the hold and was really determined to end the contest, he would grapevine his opponent's legs, sending them into a blinding pain that almost always signaled the end of the contest. These are the moves that have stood the test of time and have seen countless other wrestlers try to replicate them because they look great and real. These are the moves that don't require some intricate set up with help from the other wrestlers or moves that look like any other move you'd see throughout the course of a normal match. While wrestlers take punches to the face every day they go to work, adding some brass knucks to the equation gives off the vibe of this being a real fight between two guys doing whatever they have to in order to come out victorious, including using an absurdly brutal, yet effective, foreign object. He was previously signed to both Ring of Honor and Evolve. Ospreay debuted on 1 April 2012, in the United Kingdom in a four-way match at the BritWres-Fest 2012 event. He wrestled his next match on 24 June at PROGRESS Wrestling's PROGRESS Chapter Two: The March Of Progress event, where he and Alex Esmail debuted as the tag team The Velocity Vipers. Weight When WWE management has to take your finisher away because they're afraid kids will be able to replicate it at home, you know you've found an incredibly realistic finisher. Debuting as Dark Britannico, he and competitors Metallico and Santeria were defeated by Leon Britannico. The fact that he can pop out of seemingly nowhere to deliver the decisive strike certainly helps the cause as well, but like most of the moves on this list, the beauty lies in it's simplicity. While these days it's considered nothing more than a move to use for a near fall, back when Roberts was in his prime, it was the single most devastating move in all of wrestling and for good reason.

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