The lead... Yeah! Congrats to the music team for A Star Is Born on a Billboard#... Hey all - I just got back from the Toronto International Film Festival for the "A Star Is Born" premiere. "Then Lady Gaga came by and I met her and we clicked. Here's all you need to know about the country singer-songwriter: Lukas Nelson is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Lukas's immediate brother is Jacob Micah, while Willie has five other children with other partners. So it's just incredible.". He says he's not at liberty to say more, out of respect for the privacy of his friends. He called Anthony LoGerfo (drummer), Tato Melgar (percussionist), Merlyn Kelly (bassist), and formed Promise of the Real. He also meditates, does yoga and has a deep passion for learning. Growing up the son of a music legend, Nelson has been around fame his whole life. HERE IT IS! Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real also appear in the film as Cooper's backing band. He says he did a lot of reading while growing up and has studied "all different types of spiritualities." In October 2008, Lukas dropped out of college to pursue his music career full-time. Lukas is the son of country icon Willie Nelson and wife Annie D'Angelo, who married in 1991. “Fame is a vapor,” he says. "There's a lot of energy flying at you at all times and you have to be really strong in order to keep your center throughout. ), Nelson was there as Cooper went through different "iterations" of his character, eventually landing on the wounded showman who ended up on screen. Catch dad in #nashville at the @ascend_amphitheater this Friday ! Go Inside The Making Of The A Star Is Born Soundtrack in Esquire That is not an uncommon result of watching "A Star Is Born.". He declines to share more about those very important, very exciting-seeming 60 seconds of his life when prompted. (CNN)Something major has happened in Lukas Nelson's life, and he's elated. By Sandra Gonzalez, CNN. "And then, you know, another sort of highlight was born from that.". Download 'Fast Car' on iTunes. Lukas Nelson was born on Christmas Day in 1988. I’ll be hangin around there too, A post shared by Lukas Nelson + POTR (@lukasnelsonofficial) on May 16, 2018 at 2:09pm PDT. "Honestly, the last minute has been especially great. "Well, I'll put in a good word, let's just say that," he says. 242 Shares View On One Page Photo 3 of 5 ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow . Updated 10:13 AM ET, Sat October 13, 2018 (CNN)Something major has happened in Lukas Nelson… He is the leader of the band Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real. Singer/Songwriter Lukas Nelson, son of Willie Nelson, talks to Dave Morales about his new film A Star Is Born. "More than a year before it would become a viral Internet phenomenon via the trailer for A Star is Born, Lady Gaga was holed up in a Los Angeles studio presenting "Shallow" to... Lukas Interviewed By The Wall Street Journal! As 'A Star Is Born' shines, Lukas Nelson remains grounded. Nelson is following in the family business! The official soundtrack for "A Star Is Born" , featuring songs written by Lukas, Lady Gaga and others, has been announced and will be released the same day as the film, October 5th. Artists Mentioned Bradley Cooper October 7, 2018 by Amanda Prahl. Nelson said he began "writing songs for the movie, just for the heck of it, and sending them over to the producer, and they started liking them. "This has been happening the last few years and it's just been a magical sort of dream ride for me and the band," he said. ", He adds: "To me it really showcases the struggle to sort of stay grounded, stay who you are, have something to say and be an entertainer in a world that just kind of eats people up within that -- that would eat you up if you're not careful.". Director Bradley Cooper approached Lukas Nelson after seeing him perform at Desert Trip in October 2016, and asked him to work on the film as a music consultant. 7pm - 10pm, Fast Car CONTACT, Inside The Making Of The A Star Is Born Soundtrack in Esquire, Lukas Interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, A Star Is Born Soundtrack Debuts at Number One, A Star Is Born Billboard Recap from Toronto International Film Festival 2018. The official movie poster for "A Star Is Born" directed by and starring Bradley Cooper, and Lady Gaga! ), Rave early reviews for "A Star Is Born" -- accompanied by a trail of Oscar buzz -- helped propel the film to an impressive, "That was like the highlight of my life at that point," Nelson says of being singled out by Cooper from an all-star lineup at what he lovingly refers to as "Oldchella." (Nelson and his band appear as Maine's band, too. He and his band, who've been together for more than a decade, have been on the road with his dad, Willie Nelson, and Young. The premier in Toronto was a smash - go see... For Immediate Release September 7th, 2018: Before that, life hadn't been too shabby either, Nelson said. Before A Star is Born's much-anticipated release Oct. 5, Nelson spoke about his experience working with Cooper and his co-star, Lady Gaga. ... Lukas Nelson … "When asked about the potentially destructive power of fame, Lukas Nelson quotes from a refrigerator magnet his mom bought for his band’s tour bus. Ever since Bradley Cooper saw Nelson and his band, Promise of the Real, performing with Neil Young at 2016's Desert Trip, Nelson has been in a whirlwind of good fortune. Lukas's immediate brother is Jacob Micah, while Willie has five other children with other partners. This, he says, helps him see famous people -- even the Coopers and Lady Gagas of the world -- in a different light than most. Lukas Nelson age: How old is he? "It's just been incredible.". ("I think he took a few mannerisms from me, frankly," he says, almost trying to not sound vain. The story, starring Cooper and Lady Gaga, is part romance, part family drama, part cautionary tale.

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