I don't pet, pamper, and play though If I could give you direction, I would Big up my Meridian tugs, Lord of the Mics part two See the level I’m on he wants to reach this 'Cause when I touch mic I’m the deepest I’m the strongest, he’s the weakest I'm up here, don't you wish you were 5'8? You might know them but who's Tre? He's got tools but he can't back it You should've ignored this I don't really get sleep, don't blink You can get twist into shape like Play-Doh I move to mucky you- ", Stormzy’s ‘Rainfall’ video was built inside a video game, Burna Boy describes End SARS movement as “the most important moment in Nigeria’s history”. If you listen I'm iller than Tre Mission [Verse 8 - Tre Mission] Forever outlasting your talent Cock-back, aim and blow his head Tryna talk tough but nobody's scared Blow em' up, I did They wanna see me slipping Contact, tell a nigga don't think (Missing Lyrics). I go to my bed sick, wake up very ill Tweet for the kush link My queen Miss Machine My queen Miss Machine My queen Miss Machine My queen Miss Machine My queen Ya' get me? Lady Lykez Hype Session Send For Sox Lyrics; Tre Mission V S Jendor Lyrics; Home / Lord of the Mics. I don't see no shotty, tits and blow Lucky that he don't get jacked in the manor Are you a doughnut? I'll be like "Park up, pussy" Cah' you won't get far When I'm ready and rocksteady 'Cause he's gonna get murked Whole world's gonna go nuts when I win this I'm brand new but I'm bigger than you, though He can't match it I'm cold Hope that he enjoys when I dead him and go warlord he was like "It's a typo!" What are you saying? Ring ring ring, hold up [Verse 17 - Jendor] Sounding shit again That Tre, burn any Tre, flick my ash in your face anyday He can't manage I'm from where the niggas at like Lagos Nobody expected Slix to put up the fight he did and then he rolled out remixed lyrics from the likes of Tinchy Stryder. [?] I don't really care what you're gonna say next, I know youts' who better than you, they're eight I'll leave him jaw-less and Cory If you've never been here, don't rep for the hood What, can't you hear my yout'? And my whole team got my back Here we go again, yeah I'm gonna lift him I don't really care what you're saying inna Canada One back, one back Come where you-, clear the same kitchen I'm alright though, on the mills all black in the night, though worst nightmare, I bring the hype here [Verse 4 - Jendor] Back of the car, under the car [Verse 3 - Tre Mission] Now I'm in the game and I did it off of one track / Been waiting for this one a little while, international business / Tre Mission, Jendor / Ya' get me? I murk him and leave him with nobody knows Don't think, let's get it popping But I hear you though, my direction is good You ain't been shit but the OG'z model When it comes to the bars, I'm so ahead On the real again, I lyrically get rid of them And I rep UK, don't rep Canada Came in the game and I won't blink This is the sound of a wack Canadian MC getting murked on Murkleman's Camera Yo Go home [Verse 16 - Tre Mission] I can see through you and you're very fake, still I don't back down, nigga, better back up Some clips may be familiar (Wiley and Kano's and Skepta and Devilman's are particularly special) but it's mainly a celebration of an integral part of grime's ongoing creative and cultural life from someone right in the centre of things. Inside going in And everybody knows who's the best still You be like "ARGH, HELP!" Once the Wiley and Kano clash had been filmed, we realised the interest and the hype that it created, which led to us concentrating and formulating the DVD as a brand." Everything else gets left in the hood Grime, ya' get me? Come, let's jump on the wave D-d-dickhead! Look... Who's the other guy? You're a wannabe American, a wannabe English, somewhere inbetween, can't distinguish Got adrenaline rush for the war Wouldn't buy your album for twenty-eight pence Stop there? Zig-zag, double up Spin one, spin two more MCs You are not on my level, your career will go sour You ain't on my level, should have came with three of you Tre's a victim: he got set up in the clash, Jam tricked him Look Depz. Go home For I assassinate MCs just like Ginsu I'll find that quid, take those dollars I'm gonna spin you sitting on the riddim like a gargoyle I'm killing MC's I don't care were they're from again Tell a nigga "don't think" Fuck what the hoe think It's over And nah nigga, you're not Trilla (Missing Lyrics), Ghettos are the same Now you're on a track with the Misson man flow when the engineer is like "Really? She wanna holla at me, I'm punking it ", Jammer: "This brought us in to new territory. Come to your ends me, [?] I'm a martian marching on his face Who's the illest in the room right here, it ain't you Niggas wanna copying the 2010 me, you can hold that fam, get left in the woods Fangol showed great charisma in this clash and got a good balance between that and being a serious and talented MC. And you already know that I smacked it Tre Nigga set a little trap and then he slipped in He's a lyrical waste But I know you ain't heavy in the England, though When the fifth lift up and they line that shit and the canine come where they find that kid I'm hot here and hot there Who's Tre Mission? Ya' get me? Can't give em anything When I'm on the track run up end up with a hunchback ", Jammer: "The MCs got so frustrated with each other the looks are written all over their faces in the clash but they kept their heads and respect for each other enough to see it through to the end.

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