Actor Black Shuck | Grýla, an old witch of Icelandic folklore, known for stealing away naughty children in the night and eating them Mordred | Tamamo no Mae | Asmodeus | Hairy-Armed Woman | Amanda the Doll | Like Santa, Gryla has helpers. Pandarus | Headless Horseman | The oldest poems about Gryla describe her as a parasitic beggar who walks around asking parents to give her their disobedient children. Kraken | Go to the Source of this great post if you would like to see more of what they offer. [5], "Top 10 places to spend your 2010 Christmas", "Yule lads: Peoria woman's family surprises her with Icelandic folklore", "Hallberg Hallmundson's translation of 'Jólasveinarnir' by Jóhannes úr Kötlum", "Grýla, Grýlur, Grøleks and Skeklers: Folk Drama in the North Atlantic in the Early Middle Ages? Green Witch | She then brings them home to cook them alive and turn them into a stew. The Man Upstairs | Merriment aside, institutions such as the National Museum view Grýla as an essential part of Iceland’s cultural history, one that can be easily forgotten about with all those baubles and “yo ho ho”s. Speaking of her face, what exactly does she look like? Bloody Mary (Halloween Horror Nights) | Why should we join you now? Vampires | Baal | Behemoth | Sodomites | Abhartach | source. Asuras | In the mid-19th century, author Jón Árnason drew inspiration from the brothers Grimm and began collecting folktales. Michigan Dogman | For centuries, we've had to brave the wilderness alone. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The ones who took part in the work would be rewarded with new clothes, but those who did not would get nothing and thus would be preyed upon by the monstrous cat. Shadow People | this pic has been posted at least 10 times in the past 3 weeks. She is open to discussion and deals so long as she can sate her love for the drink. Bandits | Gryla is an Ogress who lives in the mountains of Iceland. She also hates men after her husband abandoned her to the point where she loves eating them, although this dislike does not seem to extend to male children. This saw the Yule Lads arrive in Greendale, with the literal mother from hell on hand to rein them in. Crimes Fallen Angels [1] La leyenda de Grýla se ha utilizado para asustar a los niños islandeses durante siglos. Aren't you supposed to steal them away somewhere first? In modern times the Yule Lads have been depicted as also taking on a more benevolent role[13] comparable to Santa Claus and other related figures. ", List of Christmas gift-bringers by country,, Articles containing Icelandic-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. I wasn't aware of that. She married a warlock who later abandoned her sometime after their only child was born. Gyrla is said to be over 1000 years old. She's all like "yeah can you hurry up with eating my kid, I have an appointment in half a hour". She devours children as her favorite snack. But it gets worse. Lovers of felines may be surprised to hear about the Jólakötturinn, or Yule Cat. Trauco | There was a Santa-oriented makeover, but the grittier approach appears to be taking hold again in the Icelandic consciousness. Another great Christmas monster is the Icelandic ogress, Grýla– the Christmas witch. Chupacabra | Goatman | Gryla was born during the Dark Ages. Nanny Rutt | [7] She leaves her cave, hunts children, and carries them home in her giant sack. Disambiguation Pages Christmas in Iceland is already cold and dark, with temperatures hovering between -2 and 4 degrees Fahrenheit and fewer than five hours of sunlight a day in December. La Cegua | Harasses sheep, but is impaired by his stiff peg-legs. They leave small gifts in shoes that children have placed on window sills, but if the child has been disobedient they instead leave a potato in the shoe.[2]. Black Volga | Evil-doer CamTrader brings you human interest articles from around the web to spice up your day. Crisis, Possessed Objects The name Grýla translates as “Growler”, making her even scarier. It's been posted about 4 times this. Accounts, such as they are, vary. There’s a case that she isn’t, as evidenced by her family. Kronos | The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Geb | Is this seasonal savage really so different to the mortals she preys on? During a famine, Gryla and another witch from her coven made a pact to eat their own children to survive. Otesánek | Gargoyles Flatwoods Monster | Melon Heads | Baron Samedi | Cropsy | Fetch | The Icelandic answer to Santa is sure to put a chill in people’s bones! (age: 1000+) Indrid Cold | Affiliation Lycaon | Also the mother of the Icelandic Santa Clauses, all 13 of them. White-Eyed Children | Cookies help us deliver our Services. El Charro Negro | Other strories present her in a much darker form, saying she she murders children and eats them. Order of Hecate [Source]. There’s a case that she isn’t, as evidenced by her family. Gryla has long, wavy blonde hair and crimson lips. her children are also trolls. Kuchisake-onna | The poem was popular and so established what is now considered the canonical 13 Yule Lads, their names, and their personalities.[6]. “One rhyme says she has 15 tails, each of which holds 100 bags with 20 children in each bag, doomed to be a feast for the troll’s family”, according to Mental Floss, who highlight the bleak yet mind-boggling folk history. Salawa | Where was this bitch in the fucking mall when I needed her? King Ahab | Gryla Devil Monkeys | During a famine, Gryla and another witch from her coven made a pact to eat their own children to survive. Onamazu | Some stories only describe nine Yule Lads, but every one of them had their own characteristic prank. Seems there’d be one hell of a flap to accommodate this malevolent moggy! Creepypasta Villains | Pesanta | The Yule Cat[c] a huge and vicious cat who is described as lurking about the snowy countryside during Christmas time and eating people who have not received any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve. Frankenstein's Monster | She is enormous and her appearance is repulsive. Like Krampus and Mari Lwyd, she is a Christmas monster, and only appears around Christmas time. Gryla had appeared in older tales as a troll but had not been linked to Christmas before. She is portrayed by Heather Doerksen. Iblis | Manananggal | Herodias | Reptoids | Before these 13 Yule Lads became the most popular, the description of them varied between locations. ._12xlue8dQ1odPw1J81FIGQ{display:inline-block;vertical-align:middle} Yallery Brown | Belphegor | Jersey Devil | And even though America loves Saint Nick, a TV show recently brought the amoral antics of the Christmas witch to life. There was a Santa-oriented makeover, but the grittier approach appears to be taking hold again in the Icelandic consciousness. Raven Mocker | Gryla loves and genuinely cares about children. Emela-Ntouka | Type of Villain Cassiopeia | Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square | [5], In the late 18th century a poem mentions there being 13 of them. Kali | Jól (Yule) is the title often given to an Icelandic Christmas. They cooked and devoured Gryla's son first, her only child, and then the other witch broke their pact. Tantalus | Gryla was born and grew up during the Dark Ages. Most of the different Yule Lads can be classified into groups: Those who steal food, those who like to play tricks or harass, and those who just seem to be a delusion from nature (for example Gully Gawk who just hides in gullies). Stymphalian Birds | Is extremely thin due to. [5], In the East of Iceland there existed a folk tale of a specific group of Yule Lads who did not come from the mountains but from the ocean.

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