Since 2005, the IGS Group has set itself up in Shanghai on the Fudan University campus. Find out what is the full meaning of IGA on! Created in 1987, ESAM is a corporate finance and strategic management school located in Paris and Lyon. 14F Sewoo Building 115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of KoreaPost code: 07241, 14F Sewoo Building 115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Post code: 07241, 14F Sewoo Building 115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Representative transactions by Strategies, IGIS Asset management is an independent global real estate investment company. For over 40 years, the IGS Group has welcomed hundreds of international students from around the world. IMSI, the Management Institute for Real Estate Services, created in 1999, offers undergraduate to Master’s degree programs in Lyon and Toulouse in order to effectively integrate the real estate sector. TEL : 02-6959-3100 Created in 1985, the American Business School of Paris is an international business school based on flexible and interactive American teaching methods. - we will happily answer your questions for free regarding your real estate needs? U.S.A. Information for our students and teachers / The Progression of the Covid-19 Virus, Groupe IGS, 1 rue Jacques Bingen 75017 Paris, France. Copyright © 2005-2015 Flavia Westerwelle / All Rights Reserved Since 1987, the Institute of Healthcare Industry Management in Lyon has assisted pharmacists, physicians, biologists, biochemists and other “scientific” profiles in management programs. This makes it possible to raise awareness in audiences regarding the prevention of professional risks, waste management, ergonomics, well-being and sustainable development in the field of hairdressing. You can also open an IGS file with any text editor on any operating system, but it's only useful if you want to see all the numbers and letters that describe the file. The IGS Group core values are : Humanism, Entrepreneurship and Professionalism. Located in the 10th arrondissement, a stone’s throw from the Canal Saint Martin, the campus presents many advantages through its central location. ESAM trains future executive managers and corporate financiers. Since 1975, the IGS Group has created close and solid ties with more than 9,000 partner companies. Licensed Real Estate Agents in South Carolina since 2005. 14F Sewoo Building 115, Yeouigongwon-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Post code: 07241 Today, these values continue to motivate the Group’s administration as well as each of its employees. TransDomo,LLCFlavia & Klaus Westerwelle - we will consult & support you for free when buying or selling your real estate? The IGS Group Lyon was solicited as part of the European project “Future skills & sustainable development in the Green Salon,” a large Erasmus project that falls under one of the priorities defined by the European Commission: sustainable development. The Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained in this publication. Since 1980, the Group’s International Business School has known how to anticipate the transformations of the business world and understand the resulting professional developments. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The IGS Group is a major partner of EnDigiCom, a project co-financed by the European Commission as part of the Erasmus+ Professional Training Strategic Partnerships program. By exchanging and sharing experiences between European educational stakeholders and digital experts, the project aims to develop a curriculum in order to develop digital skills in European employees.

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