I've made my reasons known, so please get over it. The team at Comic Book asked Craig Galley (Founder & Technical Director), D. Michael Traub (Founder & technical Director), and Andy Boggs (Technical Director) what their dream “impossible” game to bring to the Nintendo Switch would be and their answer has surprised many as it is Sony’s graphically intensive Horizon Zero Dawn which is currently available on PlayStation 4. Off topic… I don't see how BoTW is over glorified at all or that HZD is bad but oh well some things never change, it sounds like you're biased. graphically much simpler but maybe the mechanics will be better. @Blizzia What you described it's not a "story" it's lore. Horizon: Zero Dawn - Komplettlösung Inhaltsverzeichnis, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Lektionen der Wildnis, Schleichen und mit dem Bogen schießen, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Die Spitze des Speers, Boss: Sägezahn, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Mutterherz, erste Rüstung bekommen, trefft Olin, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Die Erprobung, Kriegerpfad, Angreifer zurückschlagen, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Der Leib des Berges, erste Energiezelle, Boss: Der Verderber, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Eine Sucherin vor den Toren, Reittier holen, verderbte Zonen, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Optionale Quest: Die Spur der Kriegsherrin, Ort des Massakers untersuchen, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Optionale Quest: Die Rache der Nora, Lohe sprengen, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Die Stadt der Sonne, Olins Haus untersuchen, Ausgrabungsstätte, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Schöpfers Ende, Boss: Der Todbringer, Faros Büro, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Der Grabhort, Drehscheiben-Rätsel der alten Tür, Boss: zweiter Todbringer, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Das Feld der Gefallenen, Ins Grenzgebiet, Die Sonne soll sinken, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Der Fluch der Dunkelheit: Basis infiltrieren, Flucht vor den Eklipse-Truppen, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Dunkle Geheimnisse der Erde: Tür-Puzzle Zero-Dawn-Bunker, Boss: Behemoth, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Das Herz der Nora, Boss: Donnerkiefer, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Der gefallene Berg, Sturmvogel bekämpfen, Master-Überbrücker bei GAIA Prime, Horizon: Zero Dawn - Der drohende Schatten, Boss: Helis, Im Antlitz der Vernichtung, Boss: Hades und Todbringer, Horizon: Zero Dawn: Energiezellen, Brutstätten, Reittiere, Horizon Zero Dawn: Alle Energiezellen und Altes Waffenlager, Schildweberin-Rüstung (unverwundbar), Horizon: Zero Dawn - Reittiere finden und Maschinen übernehmen, Brutstätten Sigma, Rho, Xi und Zeta, Die lustigsten, coolsten und dämlichsten Easter-Eggs. 3rd parties should focus on creating games specifically for it as it has a big enough user base that is ever increasing. Don't forget to port Fallout and Dishonored as well... Only one game I can think of...... Grand theft auto.Don't care for fps games and realistic games are just boring. Each platform does what it sets out to do pretty well, but the differences are apples or oranges compared to Braeburn or Golden Delicious. You do what you want, and if you feel like digging for it, the story and lore are there for your efforts. Both games are very taxing on the CPU and have needed multiple patches to get them running close to a 30fps lock on those consoles, no way the Switch could run them, @ktej75 It'd be incredible if that could be achieved, the Switch being underpowered is always a strange argument as it's the most powerful handheld we've ever had. Pointless conversation. Panic Button Dreams Of Porting Horizon Zero Dawn To Nintendo Switch, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aVPXKdSEGNQ. Scannt die verschlossene Tür vor euch und folgt den Wegpunkten, um weiterzukommen. They're all similar in places, but at the same time very different, which makes it hard to compare them. It's not empty at all either. @Rika_Yoshitake HZD has really great storytelling and visuals. @daebiya The Mass Effect trilogy would make me insanely happy. Crash Bandicoot 4 für die Switch? If I'm going to save a princess, I need to know why. Hier ist die Lösung! If I had to choose a top 3 based on enjoyment and how well executed I think the game was, it's this: 1. If in case you still have a slight interest in trying their IPs, they have (way) less story-driven games available, my personal favourite: Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. Not worth the effort imo. However the world is big and there is a lot to do in the game, and it's still a very good game. Do not underestimate the power of optimization, as well — this is a company that got games as impressive as Wolfenstein II and DOOM running on Switch. I love how everyone is trying to discredit EightBitMan's comment even though he's 100% right and are calling him salty even though they're far more salty. @EightBitMan While I do agree in some parts of your statement, I disagree that BotW isn't memorable...and The Witcher 3, while beautiful and memorable, the combat is horrid and it almost ruins the game itself. Everything has been created with intent. Although the second part appears true enough for ours, too. Given that EightBitMan says he/she doesn't own any consoles, it is pretty clear he/she hasn't played the game and is claiming it is an "empty game" because it is a Nintendo game. @-Juice- thanks for the spoiler. That makes sense. That's what's great about owning both consoles, you get the best of both worlds, How Nintendo fanboys can be happy with gameplay alone is beyond me. A very annoying issue is bumpers not being recognised in the game. @roboshort It does for a bit, gameplay wise it's not better than an average Assassin's Creed game. Bringing the conversation back to reality, Panic Button’s Studio GM and Director of Development said the team would like to see more retro games ported across to the Nintendo’s hybrid platform in the future. Add Comment. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. We need an open world game action game such as gta v ... Mafia 3 or watchdogs 2. @Jeronan Ok, so I laid the "interactive movies" on a little thick, but I did say "in most cases", meaning I'd place GoW in that category to a lesser degree.

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