The EXP-800 will not turn ON when the batteries are low. Attach this print out to the PDI or R.O., to support the pre-delivery vehicle inspection, or repair documentation. Fast, Simple Starting and Charging system testing. Detecting the EXP, “Please Wait” will appear on the Update Wizard screen. Anytime the battery is to be disconnected for any reason there are a number of items that will require attention. If an SD card is installed, remove it until the Update Wizard on ASIST is complete, and then click “next” on the Update Wizard. This update is needed to modify the tester algorithm to address a number of issues presented by the Auxilary 12V battery package for the Stop/Start system.The software will contain the following upgrades: 1. Connect the RS-232C Serial cable from the computer to the bottom of the EXP-800. Charge rate change 3. NEW DIAGNOSTIC CHARGE BATTERY STATION The DCBS provides comprehensive battery diagnostic services using a smart logic test sequence, which produces in-depth test results for lead acid, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) batteries. The Starter Test is part of the System Test or OK Verify. *To minimize the tools necessary to service Chrysler Group vehicles, this usage information is subject to change as vehicles and components are released or updated. and accept changes. It is a measure of the battery’s condition relative to a fresh battery. Turn ON the EXP-800. EL-50313-20 - GR8 Battery Tester Software Update V4.9.5_Aug_16_17. For uninterrupted access to this website, please upgrade your browser to one of the following versions. The browser you are using is outdated. 3. Battery on a laptop charger is used to provide portable power for operating the laptop. If 12 volt batteries in new vehicles are allowed to discharge for a prolonged period of time, battery life may be drastically reduced which can lead to premature replacement and customer dissatisfaction. The “OK” Verify Function allows you to quickly indicate the condition of the battery and its electrical systems when a vehicle is brought in for service prior to delivery to the customer. Dealers are responsible for maintaining vehicles in their inventory. Plug the GR8 into a dedicated AC outlet, turn ON the GR8, and then click “next” on the Update Wizard. If a vehicle is being stored on the dealer lot, routinely check the battery SOC and charge the battery as needed. Click “next” on ASIST to begin the update process. In some cases, the GR8 may need to further analyze the battery to determine whether the battery should be replaced or if it has a significant chance to be recovered. If the decision is GOOD; the vehicle is ready for delivery to the customer. Nissan has provided diagnostic software updates which are now available for the EXP-800 and the GR8-1200-NI Battery testers. The battery should be charged to the Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) of 12.4V and then retested. Welcome! Midtronics GR8 Series Battery and Electrical Diagnostic Stations come with an innovative multitasking bridge that allows the user to charge one battery while diagnosing batteries and electrical systems on other vehicles. These efforts will also help you with customer-owned vehicle testing and preventing excessive discharge of their batteries. The GR8 first analyzes the battery and makes a decision: GOOD BATTERY, REPLACE BATTERY, or REPLACE-BAD CELL. Basic algorithm changes for the smaller AGM package 2. Power Supply Mode - for maintaining the battery charge level during vehicle reflash programming and extensive service work. Diagnostic Charging Mode - quickly and efficiently assess the condition of the battery and charge the good ones. Press LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons at the same time, to erase the Inventory Test totals from Control Module memory. Load test capabilities allow testing and charging of small and large batteries. Temperature threshold revisionsThis update also makes several other modifications to the operation of the GR8:Adds 5/5/5 digit format for a total of 15 characters replacing the current 10 digit codeAdds parameters for providing a warranty code output:VIN Number, RO Number, Date, BAC Code, Software Version, Battery Type, Rated CCA, Charge Mode, Starting CCA, Starting Volts, OCV After Initial Load, Ending CCA, Ending Volts, AH, Battery Decision, Charge Time Without Topoff. If an SD card is installed, remove it until the Update Wizard is complete, and then click “next” on the Update Wizard. The condition of battery cables and terminal connections can influence the reading on the hand held tester. Recommended checking intervals are: Summer 2011 Copyright© 2011 by Nissan North America, Inc. and accept changes. Note: The batteries in the EXP-800 will need to be replaced periodically. 1. The Roadside Test Function of the EXP-800 performs a special purpose for those dealers who are part of the Infiniti Mobile Roadside Assistance Program. During the charging session the GR8 now provides updates of the charging voltage, charging current, the measurement in Amp hours of the amount of charge replenished into the battery, the maximum remaining time to charge, and the charging mode. Standard minimum 5 day lead-time. Connect the USB/Mini USB cable from the ASIST to the GR8. The Starter Test includes a diagnosis of the vehicle’s electrical system. Click “next” on the Update Wizard to begin the update process. If the battery fails during Inventory Check Function test it is necessary to charge and then retest the battery. The Customer Delivery Function allows you to perform one quick “final test” to assure the battery is in good condition just prior to delivering to the customer. Before failing, the battery may start the vehicle under normal conditions but may not be able to operate in more extreme conditions. If the GR8 finds that the battery is bad before the end of the estimated time to charge, it displays the decision REPLACE BATTERY or BAD CELL-REPLACE and the results. GR8 Battery Service Tool Software Link GR8 Battery Tester Software update v4.g.5 Aug 2017 Support Document(s) EL-50313 GR8 Instruction Manual Nov 2008 CH-51450 Pico Scope NV Tool Software Link Pico Scope NVH Software Update V.1.7.25 Feb 2016 Support Document(s) NVH User Guide EL-50332 EV Battery Depowering Tool are In TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitor) Software update V3.5 June 2006 … The GR8 is capable of wireless multitasking because the control module can be disconnected from the Multitasker charger station and removed to independently test the battery and electrical system of other vehicles while the Multitasker is performing a charge session. Anytime the battery is to be disconnected for any reason there are a number of items that will require attention. Select the CHECK-IN icon from the Main Menu.A four-row alphanumeric character map is displayed. Terms and Conditions of Sale Note: You must enter the VIN before a Check-In test can be performed. Based on cranking rating, open-circuit voltage, conductance (ability to deliver current) and battery temperature, the GR8 will qualify a battery as “good” or “bad” (should be replaced). Lithium Ion or Li-ion batteries are the most commonly used batteries in laptops and other digital gadgets. If updates are not performed within 30 days of. Nissan has provided diagnostic software updates which are now available for the EXP-800 and the GR8-1200-NI Battery testers. 3. The tester will inform the user if a quarterly update is missed. When you’ve correctly entered the last 8 characters of the vehicles’ VIN, press the NEXT key to begin the test. At the end of the sales process, you must test each vehicle’s 12 volt battery at the time of customer delivery using the Delivery Mode. Use Bench Test for testing a battery by using the battery information you select in a series of screens. A battery that is 2-3 years old may still be serviceable for a number of years to come, but because of “wear and tear” may only give a 75% health reading. EL-50313-20 is a software update for the EL-50313 GR8 Battery Tester. In the main menu, highlight the Bench Test icon and press NEXT. Freight item - cannot be shipped next day air. Description. Search Tips. Battery Tester/ChargerStation : Item Number: GR8-1220KIT-CHRY. A Check-In Function test has been added that allows you to quickly check the battery condition of new vehicles during pre-delivery inspection, or within 72 hours of when the vehicle first arrives at your dealership.

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