Mitsubishi Subaru Here at MFK auto care we can tailor our remapping service to either optimise your engine performance or fuel economy. COVID19 UPDATE - After the government announced the relaxation of social distancing for the service industry, we can confirm that from July 4th our mobile service will be fully operational. $(".country_id").selectbox(); Need more information? This means that more fuel can be burnt whilst staying within stoiciometric requirements, resulting in increased power output. Derby Remapping Services is a Derby based ECU tuning company. "Fantastic service! As there is an increased fuel flow entering each cylinder, the time at which it begins must be sooner to ensure that it can burn completely before the exhaust stroke. We custom tune every file specifically for your vehicle from your vehicles original software and promise not to use unsafe so called off the shelf remap files. ECU remapping is the term used to describe the process of re-programming the ECU (Engine Control Unit) via the OBD port on your vehicle. The large increases in both power and torque will greatly improve the engine flexibility in all gears and throughout the rev range. No more warning lights, LIMP mode, regeneration or DPF problems EVER AGAIN! Lamborghini These logos are displayed for illustrative purposes only. On a vehicle you have an on-board computer which is called an ECU. We also offer a fully mobile ECU remapping and DPF removal service in most areas of the UK. Ecu remap by post service no need to travel or wait it’s cheaper than a regular chip tuning service garage, we use our tailor made economy remap files or performance ecu remapping stage 1, 2, 3 to reprogramming ecu fleet and commercial vehicles: Agriculture, Construction, Lorries, Trucks and Vans. $(function () { All modern vehicles are fitted with an ECU and an OBD plug with which we can connect to the ECU. This one map has to take into account many different factors that are necessary for each export country. Improved fuel consumption using custom maps. Volkswagen ECU tuning can be beneficial in many ways. Using our engine remapping service will give you increased performance and greater fuel economy. As modern cars are equipped with an electronic control unit (ECU), it is possible for a ‘tuner’ to modify the data stored within it, and increase an engines performance safely. We tune for all manufacturers, simply click here to calculate your estimated performance increase. Others may need more power when towing heavy trailers or caravans. Whatever make or model you have, we use of specialist firm of software engineers and ECU remapping experts to extract the most from your engine. Toyota All rights are reserved by |, Alientech Professional Tuning Tools & Software, Alientech Car Tuning Training and Remapping Courses, Induction Kits / Cold Air Intakes / Performance Airbox, Chip tuning and ECU mapping / ECU remapping, Multiple performance tuning approaches, including OBD, flash programmes, BDM remaps, piggy-back units, ECU chip tuning and live ECU remapping, Chip replacement (ECU chipping, car chipping, chip tuning), Flash re-programming (Super chips, star chips, etc). The service team will call you back as soon as we can during UK office hours, if your message comes to us outside of office hours we will call you as soon as possible the next working day. My Alfa Romeo 159 immediately felt more lively and definitely more responsive with much more mid-range power. By modifying these settings we are able to produce superb gains and make your vehicle more fun, responsive and economical. What this means is that a vehicle ECU is never optimised for one individual situation Remap Files offer Chiptuning files service for Stage1 Remap File, DPF Remap File off, EGR Remap File off, DTC Remap File off, AdBlue/SCR Remap File off, lamda Remap File off, intake/swirl flaps Remap file off, ECU Remap Files, All Tuning Files are custom made with 100% genuine software and hardware. The power and fuel economy of your car can be enhanced or boosted in about an hour by altering the settings. Legal disclaimer: None of the manufacturers displayed above either endorse or support any of the services we offer, for obvious reasons! Finding Your Tyre Size So much happier with my fuel bills now! Alientech Professional Tuning Tools & Software Chiptuning files service for Stage1 Remap File, DPF Remap File off, EGR Remap File off, DTC Remap File off, AdBlue/SCR Remap File off, lamda Remap File off, intake/swirl flaps Remap file off, ECU Remap Files, All Tuning Files are custom made with 100% genuine software and hardware. Have your vehicle professionally remapped with genuine licensed equipment and software. Triumph Turbo pressure– Where applicable, turbo pressure is increased to give a greater mass flow of air into the engine. For recent examples of performance our tuning conversions please see the gallery section. With a select bank of Remap tuners, Remap Files can provide you with the best reliable custom tuned file for your remap. If you want to raise the Rev limiter on your vehicle, or remove or implement a speed limiter then we can do that for you also. Classic Car Tyres CUSTOM ECU REMAPPING Stage 1. We specialise in commercial engine remapping, Also speed limiter calibration, Adblue removal and diagnostic equipment, We supply the latest dealer level diagnostic tools for heavy duty vehicles. Remap Files are remapped by pro tuners with years of tuning experience, Remap files are tuned to your specification, Remap Files are 100% custom, we never use generic tuning files, Remap files that are custom for any make and model of cars vans hgv trucks, Petrol, turbo, diesel, turbo diesel, Stage 1,2,3, DPF and EGR off, DTC removal, We can remap and tune your file for any stage with many additional options, Economy Remap up to 20% increase in MPG with more low down torque, ECO/Power Remap up to 8-12% increase in MPG with +30% Performance gains, Power Remap up to 40% gains in performance with improved MPG depending on driving style, Tuned to safe limits. By changing the way the code of the ECU operates, we are able to vastly improve the vehicle's fuel economy, performance and drivability - all without changing any of the vehicle's hardware or parts. Mercedes VITO 1600 116 . Aston Martin This allows for a greater flow of fuel to enter an engine in a time period whilst ensuring it can be burnt completely before the exhaust stroke. Rolls Royce This will help to prolong engine life. We also offer a nationwide full DPF Removal service for cars fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter. Many modern vehicles are somewhat ‘under tuned’ when released from their factory. On this ECU you have factory standard stored settings. By remapping your vehicle you can increase your vehicle BHP and torque by up to 35%. Remapping involves changing software within a car's electronic control unit (ECU). After the ECU has been upgraded, your vehicle is then re-run on the rolling road to check power and performance levels, leaving you with a full print out of both before and after read-outs and, most importantly, exactly what has been achieved and how from your ECU upgrade. The second benefit to a small increase in fuel pressure is that the length of the injection period will be slightly reduced. This is carried out in the same manner as the manufacturer would approach it if they were to ‘upgrade’ the power output of the vehicle. Paramount Performance has an extensive network of car tuning partners and dealers, enabling us to offer a worldwide remap and tuning service. Morgan The increase in power and torque that is gained using ECU remapping provides a much smoother drive, with increased flexibility throughout the rev range, allowing for smoother acceleration and better overtaking. What kind of improvements can I expect? The engine response is greatly improved throughout the whole rev range and in all gears. ENGINE REMAPPING. Petrol (turbo) By installing a modified engine ECU map on to a turbo engine you would normally expect to achieve around a 20 – 30% increase in power (bhp), with an increase in torque of around 20 – 40% depending on your engine specification. You can make payment and we email the tuned remap file back. If you are worried you may have clutch problems it’s best to get in touch with us, generally we recommend fitting a new clutch if it is worn excessively, or alternatively we can produce limited torque remaps. This includes Car’s, Van’s, Bikes even H.G.V’s and Tractors allowing you to get the most from your vehicle in terms of efficiency, performance and drivability. ... Really happy with Remap Kings service very professional and prompt service. Performance and Economy Ecu Remapping Service. Diesel engines are well known for providing huge amounts of torque and in gear performance. It’s simple, each customer receives a customised engine remap using genuine tooling and software. We are able to safely and reliably increase your BHP, Torque and fuel economy. No guessing, 100% custom, Winols, Swiftech, Map 3d, Race,ECM. Porsche As these are unstable and could result in damage to your vehicle. Ecu Re mapping Welcome to the ECUFLASH Tuning website.

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