All photos in this article are (C) of Gaz De Vere. The sound quality is much improved and the cinematography has improved massively. Dream Warriors is the bomb. A movie that cost just £25,000 to make! Soon after, strange things begin to happen and everyone is in danger. Amityville Dollhouse It’s exactly what you think it will be, a child’s plaything from the devil house featured in the original film and each subsequent sequel. She will produce the film, along with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps. “Selena’s involvement is an exciting direction for this project. It is everything great about the ’80s franchise. There is absolutely no reason to ever create dolls for your house like these. This B movie isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible and the house really does deliver on fear. Doll House certainly doesn’t have one of those so it does drag on somewhat considerably. The only thing that sucks is there is no way to stream it right now. Watch it on Vudu or Amazon Prime. All of this social distancing is keeping us safe but wearing on nerves. The film does however have potential to be an incredible short film! People start to disappear and seem to appear as tiny dolls inside the dollhouse. Watch it on Amazon Prime and Vudu. Leave it to the time-traveling hero to scare the pants off us with a child’s toy. The dollhouse in question here is life-sized and forced on the girls. At one point she even makes a vignette of her daughter’s death with one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Amityville Dollhouse is a 1996 American supernatural horror film directed by Steve White and starring Robin Thomas, Allen Cutler, Lenore Kasdorf, and Lisa Robin Kelly. That is what Toni Collette’s character does for a living so we see her displaying them and making all parts of them throughout. These Rubber Gorilla Horrid Hand Gang Puppets Are Creepy AF! It patiently bathes in the tension director Nick Murphy develops so well. There is actually a fair bit of smart commentary about addiction, mental illness, and women empowerment. It is the eighth film in the Amityville Horror film series and was released directly to video. Shudder’s Creepshow Episode 1 “House Of The Head” segment is unsettling because of a head that just won’t stay put. The Ultimate Dr Disrespect Costume YaYaYaYa, Ratched Season 1, Episode 3 and 4 Breakdown – The …, Introducing Pin Kings A New Range of Pop Culture Pin …. There’s little happening on screen to keep you hooked for the opening 50 minutes (the film is 85 mins long). If you are beginning to feel like you’re confined to your own creepy dollhouse I’ve got the perfect solution. STXfilms has global rights for “Dollhouse.”. Creation is hands down the more superior one though. She is supremely talented as both a star and a producer,” said STXfilms Motion Picture Group chairman Adam Fogelson. We are all in this together so enjoy the 10 Best Horror Movies With Dollhouses. I’m not sure what bright bulb thought it would be a good idea to make a dollhouse likeness of the infamous house or who thought, “Hey, I’ll give this to my kid.” but whatever, stupid is as stupid does I guess. There is so much to unpack in this puzzler you can’t help but run to Reddit. We are all stuck inside in our own house of horrors so there’s no better time to breakdown the best ones to watch. A ghost story with a slow burn The Awakening isn’t gory and doesn’t rely on cheap thrills. We do not sell your contact details, but we may share the data with any 3rd-parties for prize fulfilment purposes only when relating to a competition. Demons, witchcraft, and naked old people aren’t the only terrible things you will see in Hereditary. It doesn’t quite work. Link to it. The X-Files Season 9 Episode 11 “Audrey Pauley” presented a hospital model. As the TV/Streaming Editor for Signal Horizon, I love watching and writing about genre tv. There are lots of theories about what the dollhouse really is but one thing is for sure it is seriously messed up. The acting quality and overall feel of the movie is much more well rounded and polished. The acting is good and it is full of jump scares so if that’s your thing this is right up your alley. Some of the dollhouses are lifesize and others are more like the ones you remember as a child. Don’t get me wrong, this is far from a perfect movie but filmmakers learn as they go on. Gomez is producing the film through her production company … An evil entity haunts the doll and dollhouse and is collecting the souls of the children for its ultimate cause, to be alive. “Teaming Selena with Shawn and Dan’s expertise in the horror-thriller genre will elevate ‘Dollhouse’ and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the way this is being developed.”. Buy it on Amazon as it isn’t available to stream yet. Doll House will be released through 101 Films on 23rd March 2019 on DVD and digital download from Rellik Films, Greenway Entertainment and Champdog Films. You can’t go wrong with disturbing dolls. It’s exactly what you think it will be, a child’s plaything from the devil house featured in the original film and each subsequent sequel. This B movie isn’t great, but it isn’t terrible and the house really does deliver on fear. Burn that shit to the ground if you have too. This one is a personal favorite from last year. The company recently rebooted “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix. Gomez is repped by WME, Lighthouse Management + Media and Ziffren Brittenham. Honorable mention goes to Joss Whedon’s television series that showed just how horrific hi-tech rape could be and introduced us to a life-sized version of Barbie’s spa and wellness retreat with a little light electroshock therapy thrown in. The Brothers Grimm stories are not light bedtime reading but designed as cautionary tales of vengeance and violence. Beautifully written and directed by Mitzi Peirone this is one twisty film. Standout performances by Miles Robbins and Patrick Schwarzenegger along with killer cinematography by Lyle Vincent make the most of the imagery. Like I said the film isn’t the best but the dollhouse rocks. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. *. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t feel like it should be a feature at all. Lastly who could forget Dr. Who’s 6 Season Episode 9 “Night Terrors” is downright terrifying. I like all the Annabelle movies. As a result, she sends a community centre into a frenzy as they flee for their lives. In time the movie finally improves and the pacing picks up slightly towards the end. Will Comedies Like ‘Borat 2,’ ‘On the Rocks’ and More Finally Get Some Academy Love? I was laughing more than I was scared but it was still a cool little scene to witness. A 11 years old girl arrives at a foster home, bringing her doll and dollhouse. Director Pascal Laugier is adept at bringing a certain beautiful brutality to his films and Ghostland is no different. Doll House is one of the better-looking micro-budget films I’ve seen. Sadly, as a feature film. More a creepy kid and doll than dollhouse it still counts. Learn how your comment data is processed. After a very sluggish opening things start to heat up momentarily as a psychic becomes possessed by the devil. Rebecca Hall is convincing and bonus points for creepy kids. Watch it on Amazon Prime or Vudu. After several days or weeks stuck indoors depending on where you are at, things become a little nutty. Scream 5 Behind The Scenes Photos ALL Revealed! Whilst the premise is incredible and the movie is much improved from an aesthetic standpoint it sadly drags on and wears a little thin. Ari Aster’s classic is full of dollhouses. This indie horror has potential. The scenes where the dollhouse replicates its victims’ last moves before they meet their demise is a nice touch. I figure the best rule of thumb is never move into a house without making sure it is 100% empty first. Dragging out scenes for suspense only works when a great musical score is introduced. Selena Gomez is boarding “ Dollhouse,” an upcoming horror-thriller from STXfilms. She was upped to executive producer on “Hotel Transylvania 4,” the next entry in Sony’s animated franchise, and also executive produced the well-reviewed romantic comedy “Broken Hearts Gallery.” Gomez is currently starring in “Selena+Chef,” a quarantine cooking show on HBO Max. These Firebox Halloween Face Masks Are A Must-Have! Newcomer Michael Paisley wrote the screenplay. Netflix Raises Price of Standard Monthly Plan in U.S. to $14 per Month, 'Rachael Ray' Crew Demands Pay After Being Cut Loose During Pandemic (EXCLUSIVE), ‘Saved by the Bell’ Trailer: First Look at Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen in New Series, Ben Shapiro Lists 1930s Spanish Revival-Style Compound, Becky G, Ozuna Collaborate on New Song ‘No Drama’, This Renovated Island Fortress Is Now a Lavish $5.2 Million Lair Worthy of a Bond Villain, De Blasio Poses Late Hurdle for Cohen’s Mets Bid Ahead of MLB Approval Vote, The 8 Best Blackout Shades for Easy, Restful Sleep. This indie horror is certainly a step up from the previous slate of Greenway Entertainment movies. I happen to fall in the love category. It will be available VOD on May 5th unless it gets released early. Get it on Vudu, Amazon Prime, or iTunes. Taylor Hickson who’s currently starring in Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem is phenomenal. A movie that cost just £25,000 to make! It’s disturbing and confusing and you will never want to play with a Madame Alexander doll ever again. There is no guiltier pleasure than NOES 3. Curiosity killed the cat and all that. 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