very courteous, fairly priced, good DM's & captains. Panin was one of the most learned, accomplished and courteous Russians of his day. He was ever courteous and kind in answering applications for assistance in the study of his works, even when his compliance must have cost him much time. Their manners are more courteous, their women better treated, than is usual with Papuans, but they show perhaps less ingenuity and artistic taste. He advised us almost constantly what was going on, and we were struck by his gentlemanly, Caroline died at Matta House on 10 July 1874, to be remembered as a clever, courageous, kind and, I have written since that time occasional pieces accepted by a procession of editors, none more encouraging or, I've always been impressed by the fact that my readers generally disport themselves in a, One should not be arrogant or insolent but rather be kind, considerate and, Oh, yes, I had three waltzes, the second quadrille and the mazurka, and he is ever so, Most of the people on the slopes were Austrians, and they were impeccably well-behaved and, It is time to leave for home, and we take our leave of these gracious and, Whatever his problem may be, he does not belong in a service occupation if he cannot act in a civil and, So if you are going to ask another group to allow you to play through them, do so in a, Here, you can laze on a beach lounger attended to by, Bowling unhindered through the Suffolk verdure, Peel offers a, The night guy, the one with the soul patch, is, During the Middle Ages, chivalry was a code of brave and, Accept that you have come to an impasse or that you agree to disagree, and bid a. See more. Take the quiz to find out! Know proper table etiquette, say all the right polite words, be courteous and take the time to listen to your date. Being courteous will show your date that you care and regretful for not making it in time. The signature is more of a formality as the receiver most assuredly knows who has sent the note, but it is courteous to do so. 33654 All the people involved in the search were very courteous and diligent. Examples of Courteous in a sentence The courteous young man held the door open for the elderly woman. Of this quality there was no trace in his manner, which was courteous, conciliatory and even deferential; nor in his speech, which breathed an almost exaggerated humility. Your partner is going remember this day for the rest of his or her life, so be courteous. “He was gentle and courteous even though his love of the U.S. had faded over time,” said Bogucki. After some negotiations, an interview took place between him and Mr (afterwards Sir) Lepel Griffin, the diplomatic representative at Kabul of the Indian government, who described Abdur Rahman as a man of middle height, with an exceedingly intelligent face and frank and courteous manners, shrewd and able in conversation on the business in hand. The other chief function of diplomacy is to be the courteous medium of conveying messages from one government to another. He was distinctly courteous to even the youngest chorister. The Media Is Wrong. ‘a courteous young man’ ‘But you can at least be polite, courteous and respect the fact that your views are very different to theirs.’ ‘Andrew was a very gentle, courteous man with huge respect for everyone he worked with.’ ‘They were respectful and courteous and asked my father's permission to … Courteous definition, having or showing good manners; polite. courteous to inform your local Marie of your intentions to run a gite or B&B business. The tribal feeling may be expressed as friendly within the tribe, courteous to other Andamanese if known, hostile to every stranger, Andamanese or other. He was Unfailingly courteous, they spoke of ideas that played out over many centuries. Of commanding presence, firm, decisive, courteous in manner, convincing in argument, and deeply attached to his native province, he had all the qualities of a popular leader. , The courteous detective offered the victim’s widow his handkerchief. Instead of an enemy, Nicholas found in Ilagin a stately and courteous gentleman who was particularly anxious to make the young count's acquaintance. CM 1 3171937 I … He was a kind and courteous man. Be courteous if you use this technique; don't overwhelm and already-busy employee. He had the same bland good looks, the same friendly if formal manner and the same knack for, 25. As a judge, whether in the Supreme Court or in the House of Lords, he displayed high qualities: he was patient, courteous, logical and learned, and his judgments contain many valuable expositions of the principles of law. The food has been excellent, the staff helpfully pleasant. The courteous taxi driver thanked me for my business. Its courteous to give gifts to help lift the financial load from the lovebirds, allowing them to focus more time on each other. Vasari eulogizes Mantegna for his courteous, distinguished and praiseworthy deportment, although there are indications of his having been not a little litigious in disposition. 2. half-moon spectacles and an extremely courteous manner. The Scout Law declares a Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, While the service wasn't outstanding or particularly attentive, the person at the front counter was. She was unfailingly courteous and helpful. Liberal, courteous, a shrewd observer, loyal and watchful in the cause of Russia, he maintained the best possible relations with Lord Lansdowne and Sir Edward Grey, and became a favourite at Court and in London society. Patrons are always welcome to come in for a free consultation - a courteous service that can help individuals decide on a new style, determine how to repair damage, or just experiment with new looks. , The courteous taxi driver thanked me for my business. Speaking personally, I have found the wardens invariably courteous, and very helpful when one seeks their advice.

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