Reporter Julian Emerson rounds out the staff. PACRONYM pushes millions to another affiliated organization, Lockwood Strategy, a private digital firm owned by ACRONYM. January 4, 2020. September 11, 2019. Accessed February 66, 2020. ACRONYM's sister group, PACRONYM, is a Democratic super PAC funded by the billionaire George Soros, among others. But while a new Facebook policy will exclude Courier articles from Facebook’s newsfeed and require a disclaimer on the ads noting they are paid for by Courier, the group is not required to disclose that it is a Democratic political operation. American Society on Aging. He declined to identify those outlets. The transparent ones make those donations public so their readers know who is paying for their content and can judge for themselves whether to take the views of the backers into account when judging the outlets’ credibility. Please subscribe to keep reading. One of those was called Groundbase, which was founded in 2017 by Gerard Niemira. “Democratic Party of Virginia.” Virginia Department of Elections. UpNorthNews’ associate editor is Jessica VanEgeren, a former statehouse reporter for The Capital Times. Employment Type Full-Time. PACRONYM pushes millions to another affiliated organization, Lockwood Strategy, a private digital firm owned by ACRONYM. A mobile app that was created to manage voter data so Democrats could close the digital gap with President Trump has instead sown chaos during the Iowa Caucuses. 2020. ACRONYM is also an investor in Courier Newsroom, a digital-first local media company; and Lockwood Strategy, a digital strategy firm.” However, in the wake of the Iowa voting mess, ACRONYM issued a statement claming it was merely an investor in Shadow and had little knowledge of it: But a Nov. 25 Bloomberg Businessweek article described McGowan as leading an effort to raise $25 million from liberal donors to establish the Courier sites as “political instruments designed to get them to vote for Democrats.”. Accessed February 4, 2020. Heiress to Predatory Mortgage Empire to Spend $200 Million for Dems, Soros Spends Millions to Win Women Voters in Battleground States, Pro-Biden Super PAC Sends Half a Million to Its Chairman’s Unlicensed Company, Dem Donor NBC Exec Loses Job Over Sexual Impropriety, Soros Pours Record $50 Million Into 2020 Election, Dark Money Network Conceals $20 Million in Liberal Election Spending, Top Liberal Operative Funnels Millions From Super PAC to Her Private Firm, Major Democratic Group Received $100,000 in Chinese Government-Linked Tech Firm Stock, AOC Spews Gloom on Cover of Vanity Fair: America ‘Still in a Lot of Trouble’ if Biden Wins, Eliana Johnson: Pence Got the Better of Harris on Court Packing, Harris: Biden Admin Will Repeal Tax Cuts ‘On Day One’, Video: Dem Senate Candidate Has No Idea What the Patriot Act Is, Dem Superlawyer’s Assistant Engaged in Possible Voter Intimidation, Harley Rouda’s Companies Racked Up Hundreds of Thousands in Tax Liens, Leading Gunmaker Boosts Production, Still Can’t Meet Surging Demand, Democrats Look to Slash Defense Budget in 2021, LA Mayor Tosses Top Aide After Latest Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Beto O’Rourke Thinks Joe Biden Isn’t Doing Enough to Lose the Election, Schumer PAC Teams with Montana Liberals Disguised as Grassroots Hunting Group, Ex-Philly Police Commish Explains Why Cops Shoot Knife-Wielding Suspects. ACRONYM president Tara McGowan initially attempted to distance ACRONYM from the firm, and Plouffe, in an MSNBC appearance, denied any knowledge of the connection between the two groups. Accessed February 6, 2020. It also makes clear that it’s “powered” by American Bridge 21st Century, a Washington, DC-based liberal political action committee organized as a super PAC — which does have to disclose its donors — and a 501©(4) charitable foundation, which does not. In video submissions for use on social media platforms, former Obama administration staffers pleaded with voters to support Hillary Clinton, because they were “crazy” for Obama, and voters should “be crazy for her.” In her role as digital director, Priorities USA targeted Latino and African American vote… Keep up on the latest in national and local politics as Election 2020 comes into focus. Nearly all of the politicians aided by Courier are locked into competitive races, and the outlet operates by pushing its articles in front of persuadable voters on Facebook. Please check back as we will most certainly be looking for great people to join our team in the future. PACRONYM paid Lockwood $1 million in 2018 for races in Pennsylvania. In addition, according to LinkedIn, Niemira served as CTO of ACRONYM while also running Groundbase. 2017. [5], McGowan has stated that Planned Parenthood was Lockwood Strategy Lab’s first client. (Political Party/527), Women Vote! (Political Party/527), Community Change Voters The operation is beginning to attract the attention of local reporters, too. We have ideas, schemes and take risks. According to his LinkedIn profile, Niemira worked for Clinton’s campaign in 2015 and 2016 and was eventually promoted to “to lead the small but mighty team in charge of all of the campaign’s tools for field organizers and volunteers.”, The company raised money from Higher Ground Labs, which says it acts as “investors, partners, collaborators and trainers to ensure the progressive community uses technology to run the best campaigns possible.”. “Read critically and skeptically and build up a diet of different sources.”. Accessed February 6, 2020. For press inquiries, email (Political Party/527), Win Justice PAC Low 66F. As well, The Democratic Party of Virginia paid Lockwood $25,000 on August 12, 2019 for “digital consulting services.” [7] [8] [9], Planned Parenthood Votes paid $72,000, part of which about $3,000 was for “digital advertising production” in November 2018. It is focused primarily on the 2020 Presidential election, opposing the reelection of President Donald Trump. The following candidates have filed to be on the ballot in the April 7 election. Accessed February 6, 2020. [18] [19], Lockwood financially supports the Dogwood, a Virginia digital “news” outlet that is part of the ACRONYM-affiliated Courier Newsroom led by Meghan McCarthy. In the caucuses, people wishing to participate to support a candidate must be physically present at a meeting where they stand in groups and wait to be counted. [20] [21]. We and our partners use cookies on this site to improve our service, perform analytics, personalize advertising, measure advertising performance, and remember website preferences. And a burgeoning number of nonprofit news outlets such as The Badger Project and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism don’t follow either model, but instead rely on donations to fund their operations. Lockwood is affiliated with Courier Newsroom, a collection of left-wing “news” sites headed by former Democratic Wisconsin State Senator Pat Krietlow. We develop smart and savvy strategies Courier has rolled out digital outlets with local reporters in swing states including Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. To make that process more efficient, local managers were given the Shadow app by the Iowa Democratic Party to input results. He did not respond when asked whether the group plans to disclose its donors later. Krug said The Center Square has published “at least 523 stories in Wisconsin since 2017” and that its “content has been republished by more than 500 legacy outlets across the United States” at no cost to them. The Daily Caller and Breitbart, however, are not linked to political organizations. “Progressive non-profit ACRONYM to invest $1M in local media effort.” Axios. There was a problem saving your notification. The Texas Democratic Party is also a customer, as is Super PAC For Our Future, which plans to spend $90 million targeting swing states for Democratic candidates. to reach your target audiences with the right message in the right format on the right platform at the right time with the right call to action. The Associated Press, Reuters and other news wire services provide original reporting to media that pay for their work and sometimes serve as platforms for media to share reporting.

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