ClashMusic: Music review of the new album by The Streets, 'Computers And Blues' on 679 Records. The geezer poet laureate is going out with a flash and a bang on his most assured record in years (which he has twinned with a sprightly online mixtape, Cyberspace and Reds). ", Yeah we got you the first time Strikey, geez.... ;), i heard a song off this and it was really not so hot. I had an idea and I ran with it, Album Rating: 4.0Good review but you're wrong, Album Rating: 4.0I think he's saying a lot more on this record than you're giving him credit for. This piece is one of your best, I daresay. How Do You Get A Rolling Loud Portugal Refund? Wikipedia article on Computers and Blues; Reviews available at,, ... You can add or edit information about Computers and Blues at . Awww I sincerely hope it's not as bad as you make it seem Deviant. Computers and Blues is the final nail in the coffin for Mike Skinner, all of it his own doing but only half of it because he actually wanted to. Music Reviews: Computers and Blues by The Streets released in 2011 via Warner Bros.. Genre: Hip Hop. I had high hopes for this... Bands: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, "I go out without a blink," Mike Skinner tells us on his fifth and final Streets album. Skinner’s use of smooth singers, however, gets the album there, bloating otherwise balanced tracks like “Soldiers” and “We Can Never Be Friends” into the anthems he once said he’d leave for Artful Dodger. The Streets have never really been my thing. Still confused but back on form, The Streets’ final album (Skinner wants to make a film) sees a return to garage beats and square-eyed observations from a life staring at pixels on screens. Sat 5 Feb 2011 19.05 EST First published on Sat 5 Feb 2011 19.05 EST. The Streets: Computers and Blues – Album Review. He's talking about going to the pub, but the valedictory note is hard to overlook, as is the massive understatement. The Streets: Computers and Blues – review (679/Atlantic) Killian Fox. By Matt Latham 30 March 2018 24 March 2018. Leave a Comment on The Streets: Computers and Blues – Album Review. Computers And Blues is a fitting end to any act's career; life-affirming, triumphant, reconciling and best of all, a novel turn from Mike Skinner. Dammit Deviant you're an amazing writer. For every one, who when asked about The Streets, would generally say “yeah, I loved their first two records” this will just be another excuse to remain a … very nice review per usual. Computers and Blues by The Streets Album Review. Great review. The final Streets album of Mike Skinner’s “Five Album Box Set” idea, ‘Computers and Blues’ sees him going back to his samples-and-garage roots. stupid fucking website making me look like a cunt, great review Dev Les Girls Les Boys Launches London Pop Up, LC23 And Diadora Reimagine Classic Sneakers With The Pink Panther, Lost Art x John Cooper Clarke Collection Launches, Jo Malone Announces Vetiver & Golden Vanilla Cologne Intense, APOTHEM Team Up With The Connor Brothers and London's Maddox Gallery For CALM, Listen: Sami El-Enany + Dampé - 'Rabbit Hole' (ft. Orlando Weeks), The New David Bowie Biopic Is Already Splitting Opinions, Das Mörtal Shares New Album 'Miami Beach Witches' In Full, Listen: The Kills Tackle 'I Put A Spell On You', Bring Me The Horizon - POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR, Sofi Tukker Nab Jordan Firstman, Mia Khalifa For 'Spa' Video, Raheaven Soars With New Single '2Personal', Ferris & Sylvester's 'Good Man' Is A Visceral Return, The Grahams Salute Richard Swift With This Stirring Performance, Afro B Drops 'Mad Mad Mad (Fiya Dance)' Video, Win: Bottle Of 24 Carat Gold Gin To Ease Your Self-Isolation, Clash Magazine And O2 Join Forces To Promote The Best New Gigs Across Priority Tickets Weekly, The Wytches' Live Return Offers A Chink Of Light In The Darkness. that first paragraph is fascinating, That first paragraph is almost probably complete horseshit Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share via Email It genuinely marks him out as a true British original, a supreme purveyor of "dancing music to drink tea to". Nick Cave To Live-Stream Alexandra Palace Solo Show, Lil Durk Tour Cancelled, Denied Entry To The UK, Earl Sweatshirt Is The First Face Of Clash 116, Kali Uchis Is The Fourth Face Of Clash 116, beabadoobee Is The Second Face Of Clash 116, Rex Orange County Is The Second Face Of Issue 113, Jack Gilinsky Is The Third Face Of Clash 116, Stay Home And Watch Empire Records On #RexManningDay April 8th, Sylvan Esso's Past Anchored The Duo In An Uncertain Present, Analogue Dreams: Adrian Younge On Jazz Is Dead, Just Played - A Column About Vinyl Records #10. Computers and Blues is crystal clear and spacious, though thankfully not to the point of banality. Highlights from our IG: Live excursion... “You can’t Google the solutions to people’s problems” reasons Mike Skinner on ‘Puzzled By People’, the truth behind the everyman introspection he’s spent years conducting suddenly dawning on him. The album is Mike Skinner's final under The Streets moniker. Out in NZ, but have a stream as well "As with all the other ones, sounds like a bored shop assistant talking to his colleague while trying to tune a DAB radio. There are moments of angst amid the inevitable cultural references and stoner philosophising – "You can't google the solution to people's feelings" combines all three – but this send-off is much more fun than Skinner led us to expect. A Grand Don't Come For Free is amazing but I listened to the first 2 tracks of this and decided I couldn't stomach it. "The energy from a band permeates your being with an almost tangible quality...". by Matt Callard.

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