Resolution PC 22-07 – Request a special use permit for vehicle sales at 120 E. Greene St. 10      Piqua City Planning Commission meeting agenda and supporting documents for the meeting on 7 August 2007. in addition to your other professional obligations. Resolution PC 07-06 – Public hearing on request to change zoning of 710-724 S. Main St. Yakima City Spokesperson Randy Beehler says anyone who rents or leases property and makes more than $12,000 a year from rent or lease income needs to get a business license. Resolution PC 43-08 – Request to authorize a fast food restaurant at Suite 110, 646 W. Water Street. The Money Transmitter License is filed on the Currency Exchange License form(s). Depending on the type of business, where you're doing business and other specific regulations that may apply, there may be multiple government agencies that you must contact in order to get a Piqua, Ohio Business License. If you need any assistance please contact us at 1-800-870-0285. You will need to apply for this permit when you: What you need to do if you want to get a building permit is to have your property surveyed by a professional and outline where you want to place the structure you want to build. The following resolutions were considered and locations involved: Resolution PC 15-06 – Public hearing on a request for a zoning designation for property in Washington Township which is proposed for annexation to Piqua. Building Permits in Piqua, OH 45356 A building permit is one of the most important things you need to get when you decide to build a home, or even when you choose to remodel your property. The Significance Of Getting A Building Permit. LicenseSuite is the fastest and easiest way to get your Piqua, Ohio business license. [Heartland of Piqua], Resolution PC 04-09 – Request to authorize an alteration/expansion of a parking lot nonstandard use at 275 Keinle Drive. We cover This folder contains the Piqua City Downtown District Design Review Board minutes from the meeting on 13 January 2009. Monthly report – Zoning Permits 4/27/09 – 5/26/09; Sign Permits 4/23/09 – 5/27/09; Demolition Permits 5/8/09 [Paul’s Bar, 204 N. Main St.], Monthly report – Zoning Permits 5/26/09 – 7/1/09; Sign Permits 5/28/09 – 6/24/09; Demolition Permits 6/9/09, Blank General Permit Application form, a blank Demolition and Restoration License and Performance Bond form and a Delinquent Personal Property Tax form, Monthly report – Zoning Permits 8/5/09 – 9/1/09; Sign Permits – none; Demolition Permits 8/11/09, Monthly report – Zoning Permits 9/3/09 – 10/2/09; Sign Permits 9/3/09; Demolition Permits 9/21/09, Monthly report – Zoning Permits 10/7/09 – 11/3/09; Sign Permits 10/19/09 – 10/30/09; Demolition Permits - none. Resolution PC 13-09 – Request special use permit for vehicle sales at 337 S. Main Street [used car lot]. Resolution PC 08-06 – Public hearing on request to change the zoning of 1612 S. Main St. (also known as Orrmont Estate). This folder contains the Piqua City Planning Commission minutes from the meeting on 7 August 2007. Resolution PC 36-07 – Request to change zoning code to add yard sale provisions. Monthly report – Zoning Permits 11/10/08 – 12/16/08; Sign Permits 11/4/08; Demolition Permits 12/10/08 – 12/23/08, Monthly report – Zoning Permits 1/16/09 – 2/2/09; Sign Permits 1/13/09; Demolition Permits – none, Monthly report – Zoning Permits 2/3/09 – 4/21/09; Sign Permits 1/13/09 – 4/16/09; Demolition Permits 3/25/09 – 4/13/09.

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