Overview / Lyrics / Photos / Videos / News. sort by album sort by song. Chickenfoot - 'My Kinda Girl' From Debut Album Drop-D Tuning - DADGBE Tabbed by jjhand Please rate or Comment. Chickenfoot Lyrics. Chickenfoot . Get It Up. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Different Devil. Bitten By The Wolf. Turnin' Left. Chickenfoot Lyrics. Up Next. Oh Yeah. Runnin' Out. Cool Riffs in this song too! Lighten Up. Paroles de My Kinda Girl. Soap On A Rope. album: "Chickenfoot" (2009) Avenida Revolution. Sexy Little Thing. Chickenfoot. Learning To Fall. Down The Drain. Come Closer. Alright, Alright. Chickenfoot - My Kinda Girl lyrics. Something Going Wrong Lyrics My Kinda Girl Lyrics Alright, Alright Lyrics My Generation Lyrics By Albums; By Lyrics + Submit New Song. Future In The Past. Top Songs. Well, the sun's up, it's 6:30 Fell asleep with the TV on again Take five, check out the weather It's monday morning for the single mom And a, works hard till 5:30. Chickenfoot ALBUM. Paroles de la chanson My Kinda Girl par Chickenfoot officiel. My Kinda Girl. album: "Chickenfoot III" (2011) Last Temptation. The solo of this song was very inventive so I tried best to get the pattern of pull-offs right. My Kinda Girl lyrics.

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