Sie war wie ein Soldat für die Familie. On November 11 during the fifth night of the Autumn Armageddon Tour, Studd wrestled in a Street Fight won by the defending MCW Heavyweight Champion Drolix. Reality of Wrestling is also filled with a lot of guys who have been in this industry for a long time and won’t hesitate to help you out whenever you ask. SS: Thank you for the interview! SS: Danke für das Interview! Having trained in Booker T's Reality of Wrestling promotion, Studd made his ROW debut during the March 14, 2015 ROW TV Taping, defeating Cameron Cole. 280 lbs (127 kg) Big John Studd was one of the forefathers of the big man revolution in professional wrestling. My debut match was a very emotional experience for me and I think that feeling will stay with me for the rest of my life. Big Sean Studd im Interview (English, 06.02.2016) Posted on 6. I guess it wasn’t too easy for you not to be able to see your father so often as you were a child? SS: I’m doing great! It is literally a mini WWE and we are trained to work TV. Killer Kowalski I’m currently flying back to Washington D.C. from Houston Texas. Thankfully, his legacy now has an opportunity to live on through his son, John Minton Jr, also known in the ring as Big Sean Studd. He described his early experience at the facility as being more of a gym where already-trained wrestlers could practice their skills. WF: Where do you wrestle today, where can we see you with certainty? In addition to his continued work in Reality of Wrestling, Studd has branched out onto the independent circuit. Are there any “dream destinations” for you? Studd successfully eliminated Perry during the match, only to have Perry to eliminate Studd while the two were shaking hands. Booker T. wanted me to see what it was like up in the big leagues. Studd and Blassie had issued a "Bodyslam Challenge," offering $10,000 (and later, $15,000) to any wrestler that could slam him before boasting that he (Studd) could not be slammed. If he's able to put all the pieces together, he has the potential to end up in a WWE ring in the near future. October 26, 2020 Monday Night RAW results, IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, Article on Sean Studd by Press Box Online, SS: It took me about four months of training until I was ready to wrestle my first match. Studd was also paired with Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, who helped take the Andre-Studd feud to new heights. SS: Ich habe damals nicht wirklich alles verstanden. In Deutschland würde ich auch sehr gern einmal antreten. SS: In August of 2014, I met Booker T at an Indy show in Maryland and told him that I was extremely interested in getting into the business but I just didn’t know where to start. Heenan successfully campaigned to get Andre suspended, only for Andre to reappear shortly thereafter in a mask and billing himself as the Giant Machine. SS: When you travel with the WWE they let you work a tryout match before the Smackdown television tapings. WF: Welche Länder konntest Du bisher bereisen, wo würdest Du gerne einmal als Wrestler arbeiten – Gibt das da Traumziele? The match was not great, but I stepped up to the plate and performed to the best of my abilities. For almost 20 years he was a top performer in this industry, has been a multi-time world champion, and main evented the grandest stage of them all- WrestleMania.

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