After the season's conclusion, Zakiyah entered a relationship with fellow houseguest Paulie Calafiore. Had I learned from a physically and verbally abusive step-father, I’d probably be like Paulie. Well, I’ve never asked a dude acting like a chick on the Internet out for pizza and beer. If Paulie has his way, Zakiyah will be facing eviction next week, and there's not much she'll be able to do to stop it. So, Asian Hillbilly, borrow Natalies or Michele’s balls and make it happen. Nicole- I didn’t have to deal with this on season 16.. Her motive is to blow him up. Meech got put on the block and grabbed fate in her hands, she did exactly what Day should have done…blow shit up if your know your going home. Same. It’s like watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but everyone is stuck in the same house and they’re all still competing against each other. Victor – no Z is an insult to women. Don’t say that. She has that Jersey girl in her, just like Paulie tried to warn James about, but she’s just too powerful to be stopped. Is James only allowed an ugly girl? He says everyone was chill in Cody’s season and when it was time for them to go, they went. Paule recounts last night fight with Michelle (Read this post is full of greatness). And even now, after she was evicted, Zakiyah still has loyalty toward Paulie. Your friends and family are watching! I get that but when it come to a person body that’s out of line I hope he goes home to jury tonight Nicole – my feelings are hurt I did not say anything mean. Nat – thanks for supporting me Waiting for your man crush to inform you!! At least Cody didn’t grab his balls and piss in the hot tub. If you've been watching Big Brother 18, you may have noticed there's a lot of showmances this season. His goal in life was to get all the girls out and have only guys. And what about Michelle? Warn him? At this point she’ll be leaving and not even understand that she should be pointing the finger at Paulie over it and not Natalie. Frankly, I have no idea. Chess is not an easy game to teach someone. All depends, he may not have been worried about getting STDs as the house guests are supposed to be disease free I think. Natalie – no.. i’m not confrontational That’s what petty little mean girls do. Paulie you will need the 500k for hookers! Bridgette was flirting with Frank, when he and she have relationships outside, as well as that she also said a lot of foul things at the beginning of the game as well, let’s not forget this! I always liked James too….but if he shits the bed this week with that care package, I’m done with him too. this guy’s arrogance, ignorance and vulgar attitude has taken new heights to his stupidity. You’re wrong. Teaching someone how to play a game — especially a difficult one like chess or similar — is tough. If Paulie thinks Bridgette being offended as a feminist when he started referencing Nat’s cans is just like a white person siding with a white person because they’re white, then I’d love to see his SAT scores….. Z would most likely shred it once she’s in the jury house. they might pay to move along with your huge ego and sense of entitlement . Paulie's comments about sex with Zakiyah on. Pissy Pool Paulie better had used a condom cause she lost a chance at $500 thousand for him. Paul and Victor may lean towards them if Paulie goes up in the double eviction. There is a casino cruise here in FL that occasionally has Reality TV Stars(?) The point is posters are taking what she did more seriously than she herself even intends. But here’s the rub — this showmance is like, not even featured on the show. 1.7% of me feels bad that Zakiyah has to leave as collateral damage for Paulie to get knocked off his high horse. To all the house guests I have ranted about and reminded about their friends and family, they are ashamed, disgusted, embarrassed, and saddened by your behavior on this show!! He knows what’s up. You should agree with someone because they have a good point, not because of their race, gender, sexual orientation etc. Not intersted in Paulie drama have enough with Paul. Nicole and Corey will be on the outs and looking to hook up with someone. no corey be real you lost respect for her cause she was against pulie if bridget They’re so cute, in fact, that I’ve made a list of the best and cutest moments to prove that Paulie and Zakiyah’s showmance should take center stage. When Zakiyah tried to confront Paulie about his distant behavior, he denied everything, and then went straight up to Paul's room to declare that he wanted Zakiyah out of the house next. Favorite activities: Dancing, modeling, cooking, eating, any form of designing or creating. (HAHAHAH vic is really start to shine playing this all off very cool), 2:43pm Bathroom Nicole and Zakiyah Zakiyah – might be my last DR. 2:44pm London Room James and Natalie Im hoping he gets a dose of his own medicine. Same reason Bridgette butt in–Game Strategy. For those of you in the NY metro area……….Football is on channel 2. Victor – catty Oh yeah — that’s what you do when you have nothing else to do — you snack. However, all logics goes out the door when it comes to Paulie. Zakiyah was known for her showmance with fellow houseguest Paulie Calafiore, being a member of the 8-Pack, and also of the Fatal Five alliance. Yet you go right back and bed down with this douche! Bye Zakiyah. Zakiyah asks her to please do it tomorrow when Zakiyah is off the block, “My game is already f****ed”, (Zakiyah was going to wear Natalie’s skirt today), 1:58pm Paulie, Nicole and Zakiyah They cuddle, have deep conversations, and even had a sleepover the first week (although nothing major happened). 2:14pm Paulie, Corey and Victor If you don’t remember him going chest to chest with clay last year? James is a coward, but it doesn’t make him “less of a man.” There is no measuring whether someone is a certain amount of a man. How about the bedroom stuff? I think Paulie has his undies in an uproar because the prettiest girl in the house (Nat) didn’t like him the way Z is madly obsessed with him. Super over this “she’s a feminist” sh*t he keeps saying. Da'Vonne and Bridgette might be the big targets this week, but Zakiyah should start watching her back in the Big Brother house. They care if he has character, trustworthiness, and confidence. Z told Paulie everything Nat told her. I have not watched sunday’s or yesterday’s episode but I will tune in to see what goes on tonight in hopes that James does the right thing! Can I get that for my birthday? Well it is not because everyone is afraid of a “strong black woman” because in Max-Z case she is a “weak little girl” but yes you can guarantee the trolls will be out race baiting. Oh and BTW, being a feminist is NOT the same as being a racist !!!! It’s pretty clear the majority of the house and the HOH want Meech to stay. Want Corey out so she’ll be miserable, totally useless and whiny all week for the love of her life being gone, the house flipped and jealous over Bridget getting the package. Zakiyah – I tried to warn Paulie I think I’m going .. right now I’m not feeling too confident about it And she stayed with him so…, James says if they make any more comments about Natalie he’s calling them out. Victor – I can’t vote She needs to sit in that Jury House and let Mama Day talk some plain old common sense into her. Nicole – I don’t think he’ll do that She began to play under the radar which allowed her to avoid being targeted by her houseguests until she had a fallout with Paulie. Just trying to figure out if brig will be save during double eviction. For now here's just a few videos that prove these two are definitely meant to be together. She finished in 10th place and became the second member of the jury. Paulie betrayed Zakiyah on Big Brother in a major way, and it's clear that, if he gets his way, she'll be the one going home next week. She will use James up, then dump him after she’s done. He pretty much does say that, in so many words. I totally get dishing to your friends, but Paulie was talking openly, rudely, to anyone and in this case, that also includes America. I think he thinks he’s on Jersey Shore. Nat is not petty, she’s sticking up for herself. I have a bad feeling about James, Derrick, Cody, Nicole, and Paulie in some pre-show shenanigans. Paulie says Natalie tried to take it upon herself to bring all this up “If i’m f***g married to somebody you stay the f*** out of my business you know what I mean.. we handle our sh1t a certain way and you handle your sh1t a certain way i’m not going to f***g come to you and be like you should f***g handle it this way” So how on God’s earth do they seem to forget this is televised and talked about on podcasts and social media! So much so that he started sleeping in the Head of Household room with Paul instead of with Zakiyah, like he usually did. Draw out the drama. on them so I guess they do get paid to appear on some small time venues. Personally I make it a point NOT to go on any of those occasions no matter how much I like to gamble. Paulie joking around that his game is blown up now He didn't even kiss her, supposedly out of respect for their families watching, but um, hey Paulie guess what? Wake up!! Zakiyah says Natalie is getting Petty

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