(She was not shy about assigning blame for her eviction, calling out Isabella and her extravagant mendacity in her speech before the live vote.) Plus, he’s part of a real, honest-to-goodness alliance now, with the fittingly dorky name “Fellowship of the Zing.” How can you not like Ovi? You can do anything that needs to be done to ensure victory and win that $500,000. Next it was killer nomination time - meaning housemates had to just name one person and they would automatically be up for eviction. Big Brother Αποχώρησε η Άννα Μαρία; Στον αέρα η συμμετοχή της πιο εκκεντρικής ... 24/10-21/11. The Only Honest Big Brother Talk Show! View our online Press Pack. “There are no alliances or anything,” she informs David, catching him up on what’s transpired since he left the house. Hayley Williams Criticizes Ex-Paramore Bandmate Josh Farro’s Anti-Gay Comments, “There’s a reason there are only 3 people left in @paramore. Put on your listening ears. Hardeep was quick to insist he wasn't responsible for her pool plunge and people on Twitter claimed she jumped. The only shame is that David is in Camp Comeback, relegating him for the time being strictly to the role of impartial observer. Oh how wrong we were. Nicole laid the facts out to him clearly enough that he’ll be nursing his ego for the next two weeks at least, but I can’t imagine he’ll stop campaigning for his return before he’s out the door definitively. Go. Interesting theory!!". You can find this show at all of the various podcast sites, or click here for a direct download! In an episode that aired last month, viewers saw the Emmerdale star, 35, fall into the pool after singing the US national anthem. But it’s a sure thing that the move will cause havoc as everyone scrambles to suss out who did them wrong. See the Trailer for Errol Morris’s Timothy Leary Doc. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. So callous was her betrayal of the other women in her alliance that it almost seemed like an exquisitely ruthless coup of backstabbing and manipulation, and yet to hear Isabella herself tell it, she really didn’t bear the Black Widows any ill will. © 2020 Vox Media, LLC. Start date Jun 19, 2020; Tags Big Brother Threads; Prev. He swiftly disabuses her: “Yes, there are. Housemates had to nominate again - but this time with a twist. … Who can’t stop screwing up. Big Brother Gossip #1004: Manifest Destiny, Big Brother Gossip Show #1113: Strong As Frick, Big Brother Gossip Show #1112: Four’s a Crowd, Big Brother Gossip Show #1111: Return To Sender, Big Brother Gossip Show #1110: Yo, That’s What I’m Saying, Big Brother Gossip Show #1109: Tit For Tat, Celebrity Big Brother #202: Catch a Falling Star, Big Brother Gossip Show #914: Mastermind JC.

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