The bar takes a darker turn, however, with “food” a reference to the rampant availability of drugs in his neighbourhood – Stormzy was a small-time drug dealer in his youth. “Had four bills and I bought a new car / Little red whip that I bought for my marge” – ‘Shut Up’. 8. Croydonites – do you recall seeing an unusually-tall teenager in 2005/6 walking around the ends with a rucksack? But grime in 2015 wasn’t just a few great tracks played on repeat, club bangers were everywhere you looked. When diehard fan Alex was bought out of the #Glastonbury2019 crowd to rap, he nailed EVERY word! 1. New to watch: Relic, The Mandalorian, Love & Anarchy, Black Monday, His House, Truth Seekers... Enchanting animated fable Wolfwalkers extends the winning streak of Kilkenny's Cartoon Saloon, Allison Morris: Sick people are not to blame for the state of the health service, Newton Emerson: Stormont needs more ministers to solve the endless credit and blame game, Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive for coronavirus, Man from Northern Ireland rang Ibrox as Celtic were losing to Rangers to report a bomb, court hears. By NME Blog. Get the day's headlines delivered directly to your inbox, Tommy Cannon ‘devastated’ after death of comedy partner Bobby Ball, ‘Free-floating’ planet unattached to any star found in the Milky Way, Road complexity ‘linked to higher risk of people with dementia going missing’, Bobby Ball remembered for ‘biggest heart and warmest smile that filled stages’, Bobby Ball: Comedian who delighted audiences with slapstick and wordplay, Khloe Kardashian details ‘really bad’ experience following coronavirus diagnosis, Celebrities who have died after being diagnosed with Covid-19, In Pictures: Funnyman Bobby Ball over the years, Thousands participate in virtual Dublin marathon, Man shot in leg in paramilitary-style attack in west Belfast, Top Boy's Jasmine Jobson: Why I finally feel comfortable in my skin, Five ways you might be secretly sabotaging your immune system, Stellar year for Hastings followed by record slump in guests - and dire directors' warning, Diaceutics launches world's first diagnostic network for precision medicine. P Money’s Straight Bars from his 2016 EP also features references to Tottenham’s attackers Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen and Harry Kane. He first talks about his beats, saying that he isn’t “sharing em,” however, when he mentions “Teddy,” it’s clear that the lyric is a reference to former Manchester United and Spurs striker Teddy Sheringham. 10 Stormzy Lyrics You’ll Only Understand If You’re From South London. I go to Morley’s for £2 chicken and chips.”, “Fourteen, I was in the hood with the gangsters / Can’t be a dickhead in my hood, you’ll get bantered” – ‘Standard’. Get this kid a record deal! Way back I used to break up Kane / But it got hot so I switched to the Harry / Back then I was doing Zs and halves want it in the box then pass through Alli / Got nicked thought that I wouldn’t get bail like yo dog how could you lose Dembeles / Trust me I need to Drinkwater but I’m high with Ramsey drinking Remy – Little Dee. Clever. Here are the 10 best from a truly stellar year. I’m a fucking wrong’un / Selling bitches, selling pollen / Selling sniff so take a whiff / Clear your lines like Jan Vertonghen – CAS. AJ Tracey, who collaborates with Dave on that track, has a guest appearance in new talent show The Rap Game UK, which you can watch on BBC Three here. Skepta was highlighting that he’ll never leave his group like Henry. Know what history is, some distant kids surrounded by risky shit / I smoke a spliff that’s big then I’m feeling on top of the world like Bobby Moore in ’66 – Devlin. And now Stormzy’s making money, he really can buy a nice red car for his mum. To celebrate that, we thought we'd take a look into some of the best lyrics in grime about the beautiful game. The relevance? “In year 8, I was like 5’10” / But anyway, fuck that / Used to roll through the ends in my rucksack” – ‘Wicked Skengman Part 4’. Jagroop Shinbt 12 September 2019. The whole freestyle is packed full of football references, much like many of Eyez’ freestyles. “Your postcode don’t make you a gangster / You’re not bad, your area is” – ‘Not That Deep’, “Ask that Morley’s man for more chips” – ‘Wicked Skengman Part 4’, Morley’s is a chain of fast food outlets dotted around south London – and Stormzy has immortalised the fine establishment in song form, forever. “The woman in the Caribbean shop is always rude” – ‘My Hood’. Select from over 40 artists, as well as length and syllables. / Death penalty – Ghetts. 27-year-old rapper Yungen name-dropped numerous west London players in his 2015 track, Pepper Riddim, where he talks about a girl who’s named Chelsea. Marge = mum. “We all know you’re a good child / So pull up your jeans, get off the street and go do your mum proud / Go get a job and don’t come out your house, mug” – Know Me From’. #Glastonbury With that being said, here are 10 notable Stormzy bars that were born in and clearly rep south London. 11-a-side / Man Unite with the devil and strike / I’m in another Man’s City, no home advantage / One shot, man’ll bring out his feminine side / So go ahead, cross me / I’m up front, one touch, bang / Palacio on the back of the dome / My enemies must not have any goals / I catch man in my zone, what is it? He praised Ryan Giggs’ 29-year commitment to Manchester United on his track, English Breakfast whilst criticising Thierry Henry for leaving Arsenal for Barcelona in 2007. He also references Didier Drogba’s power and likens himself to Borussia Dortmund’s Mario Gotze, who scored the 2014 World Cup winning goal when he was just 22. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Freestyle Song Lyrics Generator. FA Cup flow, might be on the same pitch but we ain’t in the same league – Bashy. Stormzy doesn’t forget Croydon, and Croydon doesn’t forget Stormzy. “Around the same times I used to check Chelsea, I had to tell Chelsea I’m a Hazard, all these fake rappers all need an Oscar, cause she begs she wants to go to a nice restaurant, but I’mma buy her a coffee at Costa”. Drugs and football are two things CASisDEAD is at the top of his game when rapping about. 07 February, 2017 10:03. When I cut she said Man U flopped / I said shut up you know you want this Di Maria – P Money, 14. Boy Better Know co-founder Jme uses some clever word play in the 2012 song, 96 ****ries. Although Stormz says that he’ll “plug my scene, plug my guys” on his Beats 1 show, you’ve first got to be a) authentic, b) not a waste, and c) good. Just when you think the football references are over, they keep on coming. 11. 3. If you want to use them elsewhere please check your country's parody laws. Many songs are parodies of other work. This is the first one I’ve done, and it was a nightmare. “I come to your team and I **** s*** up, I’m David Moyes”. Yeah I’m Savage, Robbie / I got a team in the blue and I’m the boss, Ancelotti – Don Strapzy. Grime artists are referencing footballers in their songs, and you might not even realise it’s happening. My man are United like Giggs, I will never leave my Young Gunners like Thierry – Skepta. This one definitely surprised a lot of people who thought JME didn’t like football. Good on him. As such, make sure you let us know any of your favourites that we may have forgotten! And one from the everyday – France and soon-to-be Manchester United footballer Paul Pogba is taught how to speak “south London” by Stormzy himself, I ain’t Sherringham like Teddy / The only thing I Wilshere like Jack is lyrics – JME. AJ Tracey manages to squeeze in nods to Hugo Lloris, Luis Figo, Christian Eriksen, Luka Modric, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Carlos Puyol, Eric Dier and Isco’s names into his track False 9. 9. In the lesser-renowned west of the capital, the recently-returned Ice Kid seeks to regain the hype he courted circa 2008 as Wiley’s protégé. We love how he uses the Danish playmaker to reference to an old-school mobile phone. I was shooting Dele in the Alli from an Eriksen, age 16 picking Harry up – P Money, P Money loves a football reference, and he might not have a better one than this. 10. © 2020 NME is a member of the media division of BandLab Technologies. P Money and Little Dee’s track, Back At It, has a dictionary’s worth of football references in it, so we’ve just taken this chunk out that sums up the tone pretty well. A year after David Moyes was sacked following a disappointing time as United manager, Stormzy threw shade at the Scotsman in his song Know Me From. Go and do your mum proud, south Londoners. Tottenham’s Skepta is considered to be one of earliest trailblazers in the grime genre and his 2010 album Been There Done That was littered with football references. Football bars are one of the most popular genres for UK lyricists, so the wealth of material to try and remember made this a difficult list to compile. 14 of the best football lyrics across rap and grime 14 of the best football lyrics across rap and grime. Doing Giggs after games like his sister-in-law – Kamakaze. You wanna play games? Maybe Stormzy himself. Over the last decade, football and grime have gone hand-in-hand, to the extent that it's commonplace to hear artists showing their support for their teams or throwing shade at rival clubs in their songs.

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