Backronyms are frequently humorous — Microsoft’s Bing, some quip, is actually an acronym for “Because It’s Not Google”; world-weary sailors say navy really means “Never Again Volunteer Yourself”, some car owners hold that Ford stands for “Fix Or Repair Daily”. A backronym (sometimes bacronym) is a reverse acronym. Others are folk etymology: posh doesn’t stand for “Port Out, Starboard Home”. Before the term's coinage, the backronym principle was applied in August 1977 by English punk rockers the Sex Pistols, who—banned by city councils from performing anywhere in their home country—embarked on an undercover tour where they were billed as the Spots, which stood for "Sex Pistols on Tour Secretly.". The BISON backronym is different, since it's an acronym for a sentence rather than a name, but those are the two ways in which a word can qualify as a backronym. Ultius is the trusted provider of content solutions for consumers around the world. It was named after the American physician Virginia Apgar but to help student doctors and nurses remember the system, it has been changed to the acronym “Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, and Respiration”. Click here to read a list of words that many people think are acronyms, but are really backronyms. Popular examples include POTUS and SCOTUS, which have become convenient, roll-of-the-tongue shorthands, respectively, for President of the United States and Supreme Court of the United States. A good example of this would be the "PATRIOT ACT": lawmakers likely began with this phrase, and then worked backwards to make it the name of a law. In truth, the letters "SOS" were chosen solely because they are unmistakable when transmitted in Morse code. m Our next winner will receive over $500 in funds. Our next drawing will be held soon. [T]he phenomenon has been dubbed STEVE, a backronymthat matches the name originally give… Make your here, it's fun! To create one, you take a word that isn’t an acronym and create a fictitious expansion for it. Golf wasn’t created from “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”. Previously, lexicographer Ben Zimmer tells me, the form was called, somewhat cumbersomely, a prefabricated acronym as well as a reverse acronym. For example, the name of the one-time Belgian national airline Sabena (which derives from “Société Anonyme Belge d’Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne”, bless the guy who shortened it) was said to be an acronym for “Such A Bad Experience, Never Again”. The term "backronym" may also refer to an acronym perpetuated falsely in popular culture or folklore. Nearly all are initialisms because they are pronounced letter by letter. AFK - Away From K… Many of this type are actually reinterpreted acronyms, included by courtesy in the backronym collection because nobody has yet come up with a different -nym for them. The backronym was a lighthearted compromise in recognition of the comedian's ability to sway NASA's online vote for the naming of an ISS module. Apply today for your chance to win! A backronym (sometimes bacronym) is a reverse acronym. BASIC is an acronym for Beginner's All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, and is not a backronym. A classic example is the Apgar score to test the health of newborns. You probably came to this page because you just saw the world "backronym" at some other website and thought "now that's a funny word; what could it possibly mean?"

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