“Somehow hearing and sound, it’s in the gut,” explains British-born ANOHNI, whose music, whether electronic pop or baroque ballads, is indelibly driven by her haunting voice. The work I was doing came from this specific subculture and environment born out of NYC. But there’s a frustrating dimension to how this affective power has played out. Recorded for a new Spotify Singles session. All sorts of other characters, including Kenny Kenny. I think I’m actually the only person he ever performed for. Why did you decide to work in this multi-format way? “You can sing an authentic expression of pain in almost any language and people will feel it. I always just adored Kenny. And after seeing her in the exhibition’s visual impressions, it became clear, as her singular voice, distinguished by its guttural yet controlled quiver of anguish, came from offstage, ringing through the Kitchen’s theater during the play’s first act, I was hearing her again and also anew. Eight years later, Hegarty relocated to New York City and found a world more accepting of avant-garde sensibilities and sexual ambiguity. ANOHNI: It sounds quite serious, but it’s full of poppycock, violence, beautiful songs and very still moments.

I named the Johnsons after [legendary gay and transgender advocate], . Perhaps best known for her Academy-Award-nominated, Mercury-Prize-winning music, Anohni’s visual art practice is just as mercurial, unguarded, and ever restless. Dylan Sprouse Returns to the Hotel Suite—This Time, in a Pink Dress, The Perfect Halloween Costume for Your Sign, According to Benny Drama, The Provocative, Uninhibited, and Naked Bodies of Spyros Rennt, “It’s Going to Be Mad”: Anya Taylor-Joy Gets Back to Work, Sway House Demands Your Attention, for Better or Worse, Code-Switching in Art and Craft: Sanford Biggers in Conversation with Diedrick Brackens, Lily Stockman Brings Us Back to the Gallery, Kennedy Yanko’s Sculptures Are a Certain Kind of Woman, Lawrence Weiner and Kim Gordon on the Ins and Outs of Making Stuff, Lucien Smith Wants to Be the Jeff Bezos of Nonprofit Directors, Meet Yukino, the Photographer Who Leaves Her Art to be Found. Julia was her wife’s muse, a divine hermaphrodite in a way, a beautiful androgyne and a kind of creature. Alongside the live performances, there are new works in painting, sculpture and archival video, and a limited-edition book photographs featuring your close friend (and Antony and the Johnsons’ member) Dr. Julia Yasuda, who passed away last year. The Johnsons was an analog experience — it was something you would get a flyer for at a nightclub somewhere. “I’d never heard of reincarnating to inhabit the form of another creature you’d already lived parallel to. It was something that we treasured. 2020”: Stream, ANOHNI Covers Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”: Stream, Bring Me the Horizon cover ANOHNI’s “Drone Bomb Me”: Stream, R.I.P. ALEX HAWGOOD: It’s been 23 years since you last performed at the Kitchen.

“If it means 10 people want to see me transparently and might share some part of my point of view, ‘come on down.’”.

And then I started an ensemble called The Johnsons.

A self-portrait by ANOHNI, 2019. When I was doing this kind of work in the ‘90s, the experimental theater world couldn’t really express — wasn’t ready yet — to really attend to the kind of work and the kind of people I was working with as viable subjects and performers. U.K.-born, California-raised Anohni (born Antony Hegarty) felt like the consummate outsider until coming face to face with the image of Boy George on the cover of Culture Club's 1982 debut album Kissing to Be Clever. Anohni Sets Out, Once Again, on a New Artistic Odyssey, There is always more to Anohni than meets the eye. I retreated back to some of my earlier artistic practices in order to have some privacy and some space separate from this other thing that had happened, which was wonderful and I am so grateful for but sometimes kind of alienating. Dr. Julia Yasuda, ANOHNI collaborator and intersex activist, has died, Oneothrix Point Never releases new album, Age Of: Stream, ANOHNI shares new song and video “Miracle Now”: Stream, Oneohtrix Point Never shares new song “Black Snow” featuring ANOHNI: Stream, Oneohtrix Point Never announces new album, Age Of, shares title track: Stream, ANOHNI Pays Tribute To Dolores O’Riodran With Cover Of The Cranberries’ “No Need to Argue”: Watch, ANOHNI releases new Paradise EP: Stream/download, ANOHNI will send fans new song “I Never Stopped Loving You” in exchange for a very personal email.
It’s not particularly linear or particularly narrative. It probably wasn’t even listed in the Village Voice. The latest full-length album coincides with Daniel Lopatin’s MYRIAD theatrical installation in NYC. Companion piece to last year’s impressive Hopelessness features production from Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke. She had an intersex condition.

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