The Stouffer’s have described their daughter as a “flower child” and they miss her very much and remain devastated. Colonel Robert Evanchick, State Police Commissioner, Child abduction alert notification plan to notify citizens of an abduction, Utilizes the Emergency Alert System (EAS) to inform the public of an abduction, The ultimate goal is to save the life of the child, The abducted child must be under eighteen (18) years of age, The abducted child is believed to be in imminent danger of death or serious bodily injury. The program was developed for Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania State Police and named after 9 year old Amber Hagerman who was abducted while playing near her home in Texas and subsequently murdered in 1996. He said he targeted the family because he believed they had money, and said his intention was to hide the child until the ransom was paid, the affidavit said. She was last seen wearing a white dress with pink flowers. Please inform the police.”, A press conference was held Monday night to get word out about the missing child. Anyone with information on Rivera-Colon’s whereabouts is asked to contact East Hempfield Township Police, 717-898-3103. She has black hair and brown eyes. “Hidden inside a dark wooden sauna under a deep bench, they found the lifeless body of Saanvi Venna. DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE: On 7-5-19 police responded to the 2600 block of Harrisburg Pk for a vehicle accident. Jose Ramos was re-arrested shortly after being released from a 25-year sentence, because he failed to provide accurate information as required of sex offenders under “Megan’s Law”, according to state police. The creation of the PA AMBER Alert Child Abduction Response Plan is an effort to enhance law enforcement’s ability to respond to this issue in the hope of preventing the victimization of children in Pennsylvania. The Plan originated in Texas in memory of Amber Hagerman, an abduction and murder victim. The AMBER Alert Plan uses the Emergency Alert System (EAS), via the code CAE – Child Abduction Emergency, to warn citizens by radio and television when a child abduction has occurred. Anyone with information regarding this cold case is asked to please contact: Pennsylvania State Police Missing Persons Unit – 1-412-284-8100. Her case was on CNN in January 2011 and many people threw-out the Country still hear about the young girl’s mysterious disappearance. Yandamuri told police he dropped the baby and the grandmother came toward him and walked into the knife, leaving a deep gash in her throat, the affidavit said. If you see any sightings of Saanvi Venna you are asked to call 911 immediately. “It’s like a black hole opened up and she fell in,” said Janice McKinney, Cherrie’s mother. Proudly founded in 1681 as a place of tolerance and freedom. Anyone with information can submit a tip under her case. The Plan originated in Texas in memory of Amber Hagerman, an abduction and murder victim. His parents never moved or changed their phone number, in case he returned. The emergency alert contains information regarding the victim, the suspect and if applicable the suspects vehicle information. and it wooulfn’t matter anyway because I have learnd that relationships in this world do not last. The Pennsylvania State Police coordinates AMBER Alert efforts with the help of stakeholders from PEMA, PENNDOT, PA Turnpike, PA Association of Broadcasters, PA Newspaper Association, PA Broadband Cable Association, PA Chiefs of Police Association, Municipal Police Officers Education and Training Commission, PA Lottery Commission and the Outdoor Advertising Association of PA. Pennsylvania’s Missing Endangered Person Advisory System (MEPAS) is a method of alerting citizens that a person is missing who is at special risk of harm or injury. Help keep people safe in their communities and on Pennsylvania's roads, Improve customer satisfaction with state services. Police have no information on suspects vehicle, etc and is asking the public to be alert and if you spot the child, call 911 immediately. She recalled that she and Cherrie’s stepfather, Leroy, could hear the bus pulling up that day, but Cherrie never arrived so he went to the stop to look for her.

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